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Moving Lights

Moving Lights.

Northern Lights start being frequent at this time of year. But so do the lights in our homes, the days become shorter and shorter and it gets darker and darker while the days are shorter every day of the month. It is reflected in the changing seasons where light is moving and changing, from night to day, from autumn to winter. Light changes in colours and in intensity, from a light glow to a shining bright light. We can also switch light on and off with one touch. Light is always moving, light leaves traces in nature and in our mind.

We call for artists who work with light or who use light, natural light and of course electric light, as the main topic of their work. Or maybe the theme inspires you to express light in other materials and areas and want to break through the darkness and bring us your light.

You could  create light sculptures or be a (light-painting-) photographer, dancer, singer, musician, poet, or installation artist. Whether you want to move light or the light moves you, we are curious about your application.

You will find yourself submerged in very a special environment in Northern Iceland with great and unique possibilities to work, all nearby, e.g. beach, harbour, factories, lonely valleys and lakes, helpful and friendly people.

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Monthly fee for autumn 2019 and spring 2020 is:
€ 950 for 30 days for a big single bedroom with working space (one person) 
€ 890 Euro for 30 days in a small single bedroom with working space (one person) 
€ 1,520 Euro for 30 days in a big double bedroom with working space. (2 persons)

• The residency fee is including housing, working facilities, venues, studios, bed linen and towels, weekly cleaning of shared facilities, pick-up and drop-off in Reykjavik and a warm meal from Monday – Saturday. All other expenses, like transportation, materials, meals and equipment are the responsibility of each participant.
• Artists are required to pay a cleaning deposit of 10.000kr (cash or paypal) on arrival. It’s refundable if the apartment is left in the same condition as it was.

Payment method
We accept bank transferring and credit card payment through Paypal (it may require handling charge from 4% to 5% extra).
• A 100 euro deposit is charged as confirmation for registration.
• The total balance should be paid three months before arrival.
• If you stay longer than a month, all remaining fees must be paid before your arrival.
• Money wiring fees are to be paid by the sender.
Cancelation policy
• All fee is non-refundable in all circumstances

We seek to :

  • keep an open, clear and interactive communication online as well as during the daily meals and at organised meetings.
  • prepare collaboration and present the artists residents online in advance of residency.
  • create an atmosphere of active listening and understanding of needs and differences amongst artists and amongst them and the local community. 
  • organise a welcome event and introduce the local community to the artists.
  • create a joint event at the end of the stay with artists, partners and locals.
  • inform about the residence and the program to the local community.
  • evaluate the program online and share it.

We expect the participants to: 

  • join the online communication and participate in the activities organized in the Residence as well as activities that might be organized with other partners.
  • prepare a presentation online of themselves and share it with the group.
  • participate in a final event /exhibition at the end of program.
  • respect the houserules.

Housing: Private bedroom in a shared housing facility. Residents stay upstairs in rooms in the guesthouse of Kaffi Klara and in private rooms in a house nearby. Each artist is assigned to their own private room. There are shared bathrooms in both facilities with a shower. The rooms have central heating, and are well equipped. Two of the rooms in the guesthouse have an extra working space.  There is place for up to 8-9 artists. 

Cleaning of housing: 1 x week, change of bed linens and towels done by the residents themselvs. Residents are responsible for emptying trash, removal of linen and towels.     

Meals: Shared hot meals at midday are provided Monday through Saturday. Residents are responsible for making their other meals.

Studio information: Two of the rooms at the guesthouse have a small working/studio space with a table. The smaller rooms all have a table in the room. Working space is available in the cellar of the coffeehouse.

Artists will have the possibility to use the art and working facilities at the Junior High School in the village. Artists are expected to bring all specific tools, equipment, materials needed for their stay. Proper waste disposals and fire-safe containers are provided.

At the residence there is basic working equipment, tools and machines to use. 

Day trips that can be organized (not included in the fee):
Mývatn/Húsavík/ Skagafjörður/Akureyri (maybe twice ) 

Local tours discovering the surroundings ending up in a local hot tub. 

Moving Lights

Moving Lights


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