Deadline: 30/09/2019

Rah Residency | Iran | 2020 season 1

A multidisciplinary space to focus in ideas and projects. An Unique experience of Iran.

Rah Residency - Iran - 2020 season 1
A multidisciplinary space to focus in ideas and projects

Time schedule:
Application Deadline: 30 September 2019
Declaration of acceptance: 15 October 2019
Season 1: January to June 2020

Duration of residency
The duration of this residency program is minimum two week and maximum three month

Description of residency program
Rah is a residency space in an old building in Tehran. We chose a Pahlavi dynasty House in Tehran because of architecture originality, with a special accommodation and inspiring space for residents. However, Rah residency as a multidisciplinary space, focuses on contemporary art, research and dialogue rather than on traditional production formats. The program aims at the inter-cultural exchange of individual experiences, professional development, international cooperation, and to professionally support contemporary artists in establishing and developing their work.

Residency program, Criteria & Facilities
The Rah Residency Program offers two kind of Art residency for Established, mid-career and emerging artists. A month residency for Established & mid-career artist’s instructors provide space for dynamic cross-cultural dialogues to develop their professional practice and ideas and providing dedicated time and space to work & create. Rah provide studio space (for sculpture, ceramic, painting, printing & music), accommodation, open studio, presentation, final exhibition and other important resources with residency. Each resident will be asked to present their work and a day workshop with local artists during the residency and may donate a piece of artwork to the Rah Residency. Residents from any discipline will be able to come, create and share their work.

All of residents will be select by a committee of promoters of that specific program, based on program requirements and specifications.

About the Living Spaces and Studios
we renovated an old house that have three floor with a cellar. First floor has a dining room with share kitchen and bathroom. Second and third floor have two small rooms with two space with library that artists can stay and work (research, drawing, painting and…). Cellar is workshop place with tools and equipment for wood, clay and metal. Also the ‘Living Room’ studio is situated on the second floor.

We have some accommodation in other cities like Isfahan, kashan and Zanjan and artists can stay in these cities as well if they have a special project or want to go for visiting.

Disciplines and media
Visual Art, New Media, Ceramics, Performing Arts, Music, Literature, Land art, Photography, Curatorial, Film Making, Architecture, Educational Programs, Animation

Residency conditions
Number of artists at one time

Two weeks € 300, 1 Month € 450, 2 Month € 800, 3 Month € 1100.

Is requested a deposit of € 100 when the applicant receives acceptation of the candidature.

Expenses paid by artist

Expectations of the artist
Leading Workshop or Class
Donation of an Artwork

Expenses paid by the organization

Application who/how
Digital Application

Selection procedure
By Committee

Internet Connection
Metal Working Tools
Wood Working Tools

Number of studios

Type and size of studios
Shared Studio

Private Room
Shared Room

Working language(s)

Other activities happening at the space

-Application Form 2020 (you can find it in here)
-A Portfolio of up to 10 media files (images, video/ and audio).  Maximum size for the media files:
Images (up to 2MB each)
Video (up to 250MB each)
Audio (up to 30MB each)

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Rah Residency | Iran | 2020 season 1

Rah Residency | Iran | 2020 season 1


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