Deadline: 31/12/2019

Call for theatrical group to develop prototype program for new festival ‘Teatro del Bosque’ (theatre of the forest) // FREE Accommodation offered to artist(s) in Costa Rica in 2020

theatre group/performers/masks to help transform perception and increase participation


ATTENTION>> Campesino style Theatre. Call for theatrical group to develop prototype program for new festival ‘Teatro del Bosque’ (theatre of the forest) // FREE Accommodation offered to artist(s) in Costa Rica in 2020

We offer *free housing to a theatre group/performers/masks to help transform perception and increase participation in rejuvenating natural areas surrounding farms and prevent ecological disaster. Actors are invited to rally their medium to dramatically influence perception about the dire crisis falling upon natural landscapes—even in so-called protected areas.

Right now, there are critical ‘teaching moments’. Rather than mundane, banal, didactic outreach, we are looking for theatrical groups who are ready and willing to use their talents to shift perception. In our region of Central America, there are many incongruent practices. On one hand, there is the desire to protect natural landscape from toxic behaviors, and on the other hand there is the need to ‘survive’ (income). Hence, the battleground becomes the life force, the natural landscape, which is increasingly and grossly stressed from unruly ecotourism and agro-industry.

Theatre offers all of us a living forum to create the world we desire to imagine.  In this project I intend to construct a portable theatre and puppets.  As a community outreach project it is accessible for people of all ages and engages them in a rigorous and fun way.  By seeing themselves in the art form, the audience experiences a graceful way to view challenges in their world.

Many areas in Central America continue to grow exotic foods for the world at a severe cost: desertification, denuding river riparian, toxic runoff to water systems, overpopulation, excessive canine/feline domestic animals, etc. Rather than finger-waggy imagery and try to force farmers and tourists to change, we are looking at ways to ‘invite’ them to ‘do the right thing’.   We are looking for theatre that shocks, exposes and exemplifies the beauty to protect. Art that reveals ways to adjust formats of travel and ways of farming. Ecotourism has good intentions, yet is leaving the very places toxic with water consumption (more dams), lack of participation (such as reforestation or river/beach cleanup) and leaving places loved-to-death. Farmers stressed to grow foods at lower price yields sidestep care for the ecological systems.

In the style of Teatro Campesino, Jaguar Luna Cultural Arts Collective desires to build a range of theatrical presentations and create a new festival, Teatro del Bosque. The proposed multi-media, mobile state will provide a forum for the community to emerge themselves in a compassionate, innovative manner which creatively speaks of the world's beauty and horror, as well as it's capacity for change. Theatre often helps to say what is difficult or taboo in a creative format.  Originating at our own amphitheater in the forest, we will teach mask-making, story-writing, costume design, set design and host vibrant, whimsical theatre for participants and guests.

We are developing prototype program that will evolve into a new festival for our region. Whereby, theatre groups will be invited to share intriquing stories on local farmer’s lands and proceeds shared to encourage protection and care of remaining stands of forest on farmland.

Changing the psychology of the situation is complex yet approachable if done so in an empathic and dynamic form. Privilege and entitlement go unmentioned or unthought-of with tourists, that simple things like taking hot showers everyday, buying excessive plastic or items using palm oil, or motorboats chasing whales, or trekking through jungles to get a photo of a jaguar… take an extreme toll on natural habitats. Electricity for hotels comes from somewhere—even materials to make solar panels come from somewhere. So where are we going with the incessant rhythm to consume at unprecedented rates and world population exploding to over 9 billion people?

Travel is a privilege. Offsetting carbon footprint is transmuted when the traveler takes at least one day to reforest or help on a farm. Exotic foods such as chocolate, cinnamon, coconut oil, palm oil, sweetened vitamin drinks (pineapple juice), coffee are grown to accommodate low prices and burden the farmers with cutting corners to have enough cash to live on.

Residency program
Our Center is wildly unique; it combines ecology, community, mutual cooperation and the arts at a fantastic location within remarkable facilities. We aim to change the relationship of the arts (moving beyond art as strictly commodity or objectification) towards a way to balance the dire situation on the planet, by providing promising interaction between communities and artists that benefit and heal the natural ecosphere.

Accommodations/workshop/studio space
We provide rustic, comfortable, imaginative habitats for artists to create and imagine easily with the muse. Lodging is located in a hilly environment with access to group kitchen. We have 5-shared bathrooms. From private/shared cabins to lofts, or dorm rooms, we have a place that is right for all types of artists. Housing is shared only on agreement and is private unless otherwise stated.

The cabins are suitable for live/work space, and we have separate workshops available for construction/clay/woodworking, etc. Dance, theatre can be held in the common building, our dance tower, outdoor amphitheater, or our elevated tree platform. Film/Photography is possible anywhere. Writing can be facilitated in a number of spaces that include our screened-in Kiosk (also for photography).

We have 2+ theatre spaces. Our outdoor amphitheater has its own dressing area, with a giant jaguar head that actors can utilize. We have an indoor theatre with a trap door, which can be used for actors to enter stage from below. We also have plenty of outdoor areas such as our bamboo tree platform and our hummingbird tower actors can engage to prepare works. The grounds around the Center can also be used for ‘roving theatre’ type projects.

Fees and Support
Awarded artist (*up to 7) will receive a cabin free-of-charge for the duration of the agreed stay from 2 weeks to 3 months (up to $3000 value). ***Artists will be responsible for materials, travel and food.

We invite artists who are willing to devote time to the escalating sensitivity to tricky perceptions that surround food production and ecotourism.

Artists are encouraged to make suggestions about the format and presentation of theatrical works on a scale or presentation that grasps people’s attention quickly and deeply.   We are not looking for *gory imagery that furthers apathy or depression.  Theatre groups may submit scripts, video samples to reveal their expertise.

At the end of the residency, artists will perform a version of the work they constructed during their stay at our Center. The project will be recorded and used to promote our developing festival program.   

Send resume, **references, and **time-frame/season of residency requirements from 2 weeks to 3 months. re: Queer Jaguar.



Please send proposals by December 31, 2019 for residency from January 2020 through April 2020.


Call for theatrical group to develop prototype program for new festival ‘Teatro del Bosque’ (theatre of the forest) // FREE Accommodation offered to artist(s) in Costa Rica in 2020

Call for theatrical group to develop prototype program for new festival ‘Teatro del Bosque’ (theatre of the forest) // FREE Accommodation offered to artist(s) in Costa Rica in 2020

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