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INITIATION - Performance, Narrative and Ritual

Intensive 7-day artist residency + workshop + public presentation in Athens, Greece.

Description of residency program
The Initiation workshop addresses international artists with a strong interest in a contemporary interpretation of ancient performance, theater, narrative, ceremony and ritual.

The workshop offers a maximum of 8 artists a distinct opportunity to broaden their practice and knowledge and discover the symbols and physical expression of Greece’s ancient rituals.

The Initiation workshop focuses on the trinity body – ritual – narrative and on the contrast between today’s logical world and and the ancient mythology. The 7-day workshop in Athens includes accommodation, performance workshop, guided visits to UNESCO sites and the experience of participating in a unique ancient community ritual. For detailed, please read the program below.

The Initiation workshop alludes to the dances and rituals performed to honor Demeter, the ancient Greek goddess of the plants and agriculture, and her daughter Persephone, queen of Hades (Underworld), during the ancient initiation rites in Eleusina which are known as the Eleusinian Mysteries.

The mysteries introduced the initiates into a blissful life and liberated them from the fear of death through the celebration of the cycle of nature and life, the sharing of food and knowledge inside the community, and the abolishment of social hierarchy.

The Eleusinian mysteries lasted for 2,000 years being on of the the most sacred events of the Greek-Roman world. Under a Christian disguise , the mysteries and the sacred architecture, the objects and doctrines continued to exist - up to the present day. Although destroyed in 395 AD, the site of Eleusina is still considered a most powerful archaeological venue in Greece.

Dance, performances, costumes, jewellery, tales, healing and social bonding were not separate instances and actions at the very beginning of art. The Initiation workshop’s holistic approach to performance, dance and ritual aims at reuniting contemporary fragmented reality of contemporary art by linking physical expression to a strong narrative, to symbols and allegories.

• 7-day (6-night) residency including shared accommodation in central Athens (2 p.p. apartment / single room for each participant)

• Guided visits to the Acropolis complex (Temple of Olympian Zeus, Theater of Dionysos, Acropolis/Sacred Caves) and to Plato's Academy

• Guided visit to the National Archaeological Museum with the focus on the concepts: democracy and spirituality / theater, community bonding and healing / mysteries, sharing and transformation

• Guided visit to the archaeological site and museum of Eleusina

• Introduction to the meaning of ancient community rituals. Participation in a unique contemporary ritual still performed in Greece

• A tour to Athens’ historical nucleus and visit to the „Gates to Hades“

• Performance workshop + practice (20 hours)

• Story telling workshop (3 hours)

• Development of the artist's concept and practice throughout the workshop

• Curated public event presenting the workshop participants’ performances in a central Athens venue including PR, networking, Press and Social media promotion and documentation on the website and in the Social Media. 

FaveLAB supports the artist with communication, practical advice and assistance during the workshop and the preparation of the performance event. On request, FaveLAB can support the artist with an invitation letter.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Artists working with performance, visual and interdisciplinary art, multimedia art or design (jewellery, fashion) are encouraged to apply.

Expectation towards the artist
The artist is expected to have a strong interest in the contemporary interpretation of ancient performance, theater, narrative, ceremony and ritual. We accept applications from artists working on a professional level.

Shared accommodation (2 p.p. apartment / single room for each participant) and workspace are included in the workshop.

Artist Fee
760,- Euros paid by each participant. The Fee does not include transport, travel fares, food, museum or site tickets. Each participant is asked to deposit a guarantee of 50 Euros at arrival.

Application requirements
E-mail your application with cover letter to including a short introduction of yourself and a statement (each max. 200 words, CV, website link, 4 to 6 images of your work) stating your incentive to participate in the Intitiation workshop. Please apply only if you are 30+ years old

Maximum number of participants: 8

INITIATION - Performance, Narrative and Ritual

INITIATION - Performance, Narrative and Ritual


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