Deadline: Open call

Jiwar Open Call 2013 (Spain)

Artists and researchers interested in urban space (but not limited to) are invited to apply for 2013

The project’s concept is inspired in the Arab tradition of Jiwar, which is literally translated as neighborhood.

Jiwar refers to the art of establishing a creative and sustainable relationship between neighbors. Beyond this immediate significance, Jiwar refers to a philosophy of life that aims at fostering neighboring values and bridging experiences. Jiwar is most interested in artists and researchers who place their work and their methods on the frontiers between cultures and disciplines.

A priority is given to artistic and social projects, which address and deal with intercultural and interdisciplinary issues. Jiwar welcome professionals (artists, architects, writers, activists, sociologists,...) who use the urban space as a source inspiration or as a field for investigation.

The Residency activities are open to the neighborhood. Artists are invited to share some of their work with Gràcia residents through open air meetings, performances and workshops in our garden.

Jiwar Open Call 2013 (Spain)

Jiwar Open Call 2013 (Spain)


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