Associate Members

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The Associate Membership is open to programs, foundations, or other networks that assist or support international exchange programs or the artists themselves. They can be governmental, non-governmental or privately run.

Associate Members have the ability to
  • join our Res Artis Meetings located throughout the world
  • have a publicly accessible profile page on the Res Artis Website (viewed by over 60,000 people each month)
  • post public news items and upcoming deadlines through our website
  • benefit from our additional social media promotion: your upcoming deadlines are also appearing on our Facebook (over 115,000 Fans) and Twitter pages
  • access the member's section of the webpage (resource library, case studies, project partner search)
  • use the Res Artis logo in any promotional material
  • cast an advisory vote during the assembly of members or online
Associate Members pay a yearly membership fee of € 475

Convert here to see how much this amounts to in your local currency*

* Please note that this is for indicative purposes only and not a payment device. Membership fees should always be transfered in Euros.