Benefits of joining

Res Artis is the largest membership based network of artist residencies worldwide.

Through our activities we support international cultural exchange, cooperation and development of the artist residency field.

By joining our network you can take advantage of many membership benefits:

Let the world find you

During the past 24 years, we have cooperated with partners to facilitate more than 20 Res Artis Meetings around the world. These physical encounters provide a platform for our members to meet each other and share common ideas with like-minded individuals and organisations. Partnerships and collaborations are forged between members, stimulating further exchange initiatives and dialogue around the artist residency field. Members of Res Artis can enjoy reduced registration rates for Res Artis Meetings, workshops, conferences and other Res Artis affiliated events.

The Res Artis website is viewed by more than 2,000 visitors every day. We have a Facebook Fan page with more than 115,000 fans and our tri-lingual newsletter reaches more than 27,000 subscribers quarterly.

As a member, you will be given access to the members area of the Res Artis website where you can create a profile of your organisation; post news items and upcoming deadlines or find opportunities for collaboration. An online profile will allow you to communicate your organisation’s mission and programs to an international audience including artists, artist residency centres, curators, cultural workers and international arts and cultural organisations.

You can also join the Res Artis Members Only Facebook Group where you can connect with your colleagues in the field and discuss residency related questions and topics.

Actively participate

Are you an emerging organisation seeking to experience a glimpse of the inner workings of an established artist residency? Exclusive to members, you can apply online as a host or fellow for a ResSupport Fellowship, a program that focuses on knowledge transfer and capacity building.

Host an award-winning artist through the Res Artis Awards! Through the support of our members network, Res Artis offers fully funded residency opportunities for artists. The Res Artis Awards recipients will be announced as part of a biennial or public art event hosted by a partner organisation.

Be part of Res Artis Mapping, an initiative to graphically portray the field of artist residencies around the globe. This ongoing project not only maps artist residencies, but also visually illustrates connections and activities between organisations, funders, and other players in the field.

As a member of the Res Artis worldwide network of artist residencies, your organisation becomes an important and influential stakeholder in the future of the artist residency field. 

Skill up

One of the main goals of Res Artis is to provide resources, expertise and advice to our members in response to their evolving needs. As a Res Artis member, you can access our growing resource library that includes online tools, reports & research publications, essays and books, and info portals containing valuable information specific to the field of artist residencies and cultural mobility.

Available to members only is also the Res Artis Artist Residency Handbook. The handbook provides emerging artist residencies with useful information on things to consider when starting an artist residency, while at the same time offering inspiration for improvement for more established organisations. It contains a multitude of examples we received from the Res Artis community providing our members with real-life experiences and hands on material from the field. 

Be represented

Your organisation is not alone in its efforts. Res Artis represents and advocates for the interests of the artist residencies field on a local and international level. We work closely with like-minded international organisations including Alliance of Artis Communities, On The Move, Trans Artists, Culture Action Europe and IFFACCA. Res Artis partners with government agencies, international organisations, foundations and the corporate sector to best represent our member’s interests.

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There are three different types of Res Artis Members :

- Residency Members
- Associate Members
- Individual Members   

The process of joining is quite simple, please read over the information in Join Res Artis

And have a look at our Res Artis Brochure!