Individual Members

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Individual Membership is open to artists, curators, or any other individual who wishes to support the activities of Res Artis, or who would like to be involved with our projects and activities.

NOTE: You do not need to be a member of Res Artis to apply for the programs of our members or receive our free bi-monthly e-newsletter.

Individual members do not receive an automatic residency period or any special consideration for the residency programs offered by the organisations on our website.

Individual Members have the ability to
  • join our Res Artis Meetings located throughout the world
  • have their name listed as a supporter and member of Res Artis on our website.
  • access the member section of the webpage (resource library, case studies, project partner search)
  • receive the Res Artis Artist Residency Handbook (through the members section)
Individual Members pay a yearly membership fee of € 95

Convert here to see how much this amounts to in your local currency*

* Please note that this is for indicative purposes only and not a payment device. Membership fees should always be transfered in Euros.