About Dak'Art

Dak’Art is an international exhibition. The Biennale of Contemporary African Art aims at being a space of different prejudice-free visions. It provides an occasion to fight the propensity to be prejudiced about contemporary art as expressed by some African creators by giving the floor to a different category of experts working at other levels of the visual arts world who refuse to confine themselves within some certainties and are concerned about a certain ethic 

Dak’Art includes a salon of design. About fifteen designers carried out their projects in Dakar with the help of local craftsmen and companies, following the example of the 2003 experience. This puts the local craftsmen in a new productive situation from working drawings, with greater attention on details, a great concern for accuracy and greater consistency in using the material.

Dak’Art includes meetings and exchanges, creating a dialogue around various aspects of contemporary art and design, mobility and communications

Dak;Art includes the Dak’Art_Lab. This includes workshops for the creation and formation of sound and digital pictures and?a series of conferences on digital arts, gathering many art critics, exhibition curators and artists.