Res Connect

Although Res Artis needs a membership fee contribution in order to operate and develop its program and activities, we also believe that there should not be a financial barrier to be part of our network.

Res Artis wants to be all inclusive within its membership; therefore, we started the Res Connect initiative, where Res Artis members act as donors who pay the membership fee for an emerging residency program who do not have sufficient financial means to join our network.

Besides the financial support, this program also strengthens the bonds between two residency centers within our network and can also be the basis of a fruitful reciprocal relationship. Please note that donations can only be rewarded if there is a matching donor.
Become a recipient

To qualify in order to receive a membership fee donation you need to:

1) Outline the reasons why you are not able to pay the membership fee and indicate your budget.

2) Indicate your reasons for wanting to become a Res Artis member.

4) Explain why you cannot pay the membership fee and what actions will be taken in order to be able to pay next year. 

5) Apply using the following application form.

Become a donor

In order to donate a membership fee to an emerging member please contact our office in Amsterdam ( so we can provide you with the list of emerging spaces that have applied and been approved by Res Artis to receive a membership donation.

Donors will be honored with a "Donor Badge" that we will attach to their data base appearance, unless they request otherwise.