Res Support

Res Support is a training and support program for emerging artist residencies. It is a long-term project, offering emerging Res Artis Members assistance and advice during the challenging period of initialising a residency program.

Res Support is a program for Res Artis Members, if you are not a member, please read over the information about Res Artis membership. Please note that we currently do not have any placements available. 

Res Support Fellowship

Res Support Fellowship is the name for Res Artis’ exchange program of cultural workers from residency centers in the Res Artis network. 

This exchange experience allows its participants to observe and reflect on various organisational aspects while gaining an in-depth view and actively taking part in the daily work of an experienced member organisation from our network. The practice also provides the opportunity to increase organisational consciousness, strengthen collegial bonds, and generate knowledge and cultural sharing among Res Artis members.

The motivation of the ResSupport Fellowship program focuses on the exchange of ideas, resources, and problem solving solutions for the organisations involved. As a network we believe that these exchanges between Res Artis Members are an effective way for mutual learning and know-how sharing. 

Res Artis acts as a matchmaker, pairing applicants with appropriate host organisations. Furthermore, we provide support to help ensure satisfying experiences on both ends. The Res Support Fellowship is open to the staff of all Res Artis members including all organisational positions.


Res Artis is especially interested in providing fellowships for emerging members in underrepresented parts of the world. Although the Res Artis Fellowship is based on the hospitality of its members, additional funding is needed to afford these exchanges. Res Artis is looking for funding support in order to work together to reach this goal.

Please consider a donation to Res Artis to support this program or contact our office in Amsterdam at 

The first Fellowships

In April 2012, the 18th Street Art Center in Los Angeles, USA hosted residency directors from South America ‘in residence’ within their organisation. Giuseppe De Bernardi from Lima, Peru and Francisca Caporali from Belo Horizonte, Brazil spent one month at 18th Street Art Center learning about how artist residencies are run in the States. During their stay, they also visited other residencies in the area. Their trip was supported by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.