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The El Levante Residencies and Exchange Program aims to generate and encourage exchange between local artists and artists from other areas, believing that this interaction is a unique way to gain new experiences in a different context, while encountering other view points and perspectives concerning contemporary art.

Brief description of residency program

The Residency Program is integral to the El LEVANTE WORKSHOP and EL LEVANTE EXHIBITION SPACE’s vision, aiming to give native and foreign artists the chance to live and work in Rosario.

The purpose of this Project is to stimulate and bring about mutual exchange of ideas thanks to the resident’s interaction with EL LEVANTE’s regular activities and, as part of this process, a specific new work could be developed. It is our intention to record the results of this process using various methods.

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El Levante
Richieri 120
2000 Rosario


Phone: 54+341(472-4390)

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