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Brief description of organisation

CENTRO RURAL DE ARTE is a non-profit civil association located in Argentina that aims to generate artistic projects in relation to rural environments.

We organize residencies from open International calls, workshops, and joint projects with other organizations in our region and overseas. We carry out eventual nomad activities.

According to the characteristics of each project, we approach a particular way to record and spread the activities. We pay attention to the circulation of contents and experiences of each work. We look forward to questioning our own praxis in the long run.

The work in each of its formats (residencies, workshops, etc) is based on the construction of interdisciplinary operative platforms (artists, local people, workers from different areas), including local and foreign creators in order to foster open views to a certain socio-geographic area.

The general objective of CENTRO RURAL DE ARTE is the search of possible territories to develop contemporary art, approaching experiences from a multiplicity of languages, where limits between creative processes and products, and art producers vs. art receptors can be put at stake.

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Brief description of residency program

Next project: Interacciones urbano_rural
deadline_ 16th May, 2012

It is the second edition of a collaborative project between the residence centers Terra UNA (Brazil), Residencia en la Tierra (Colombia) and CENTRO RURAL DE ARTE (Argentina). The three spaces have the peculiarity of working in rural areas, although under very different socio-geographical conditions. This edition adds CRAC Valparaiso (Chile), which coordinates a research on work processes that occur in this context and in relation to urban processes.

This project happens inside the frame of residencias_en_red [Latin America], sponsored by AECID and Iberescena.

Interacciones urbano_rural provides periods of residence in Terra UNA (Brazil), Residencia en la Tierra (Colombia) and CENTRO RURAL DE ARTE(Argentina). Authorial projects are accepted within the field of contemporary art contemplating transdisciplinarity between languages ??and different areas of knowledge (visual arts, architecture, dance, film, music, theater, etc.). The second part of the residence will be held in Valparaiso CRAC systematizing experiences and developing a collective publication.

Interacciones urbano_rural is particularly interested in local roots. Thus suggesting the involvement of creative projects in specific contexts. It is proposed to investigate the various relationships between urban and rural. The invitation is to wonder whether the territorial relocation from the urban to the rural context takes on the issues that are present in the territories.That is, how art practices and contemporary thought address this dialectic, considering how, coming from different contexts, the imaginary is constructed in a way that can be shared and on the other hand fugue spaces to new ways of approaching critically these contexts.

After completing a first edition in 2011, which involved designing a proposal collaboratively between centers in different parts of South America, creative projects where developed by artists and also specific dialogues with rural settings, this opened a vast and partiular field that we believe to be exciting to share in this new edition. Thus, as the call proposes the engagement of projects focused on the infinite and various inter - actions that may arise between urban and rural throughout the whole creative process . This theme on urban and rural settings becomes a large backbone of the whole experience and from there each part of the project is put in relation. Some issues to address may be referred to sounds, population densities, ways of travel, jobs, landscapes, among many others.

+ info about this call: http://www.terrauna.org.br/urbanorural2012/#ingles


Argentina Stage – October 8th thru 21st, 2012

CENTRO RURAL DE ARTE works in an eventual, nomad way and propose a specific location for each activity.

The project INTERACCIONES URBANO_RURAL is developed in Achupallas.

This also typical and non typical village of the humid pampa is placed in Alberti Department, Buenos Aires province. It´s situated 190 kilometers from Buenos Aires city and by the side of route 51 you can see a particular entrance with the announcement of the place.

It has 100 inhabitants, tree - lined dirt roads, loose animals, several houses, some of them made on adobe, two restaurants, some bars and grocer´s, a first aids room, the beauty 25 de Mayo Square, an abandon kiln and a 15 students´ school.

A kilometer from the village, the Salado River made part of its travel. It´s the main basin of Buenos Aires Province and used to be the natural limit between Spain Empire and local communities’ land.
First name of the place was Villa Gisolía, although afterwards the name of the train station was adopted. Achupallas is a quechua word that names a plant whose stem is use to made a medicinal drink. It also remembers the first battle of Libertador Army in its entrance to Chile, 4th February 1817.

The train station, with its french style building and huge shed, give us a privileged space of work, recycling preexisting infrastructure into creation studios.

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Disciplines and media
  • Visual Art
  • Dance
  • Theatre
  • Performing Arts
  • Textile Art
  • Music
  • Literature
  • New Media
  • Curatorial
  • Film Making
  • Architecture
Type of organisation
  • Artist-Run
  • Independent Association/Foundation

Residency conditions

Duration of residencies
  • 2 weeks
Number of artists resident at one time

between 11 and 16

Companions allowed
  • Other
Grants available

Grants available for the next project Interacciones urbano_rural. Full grants: - For artists/researchers from Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Chile. - For performing artists (performance, dance and theater) from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, and Uruguay (one in each rural area). It include accommodation, food, air transportation, production, communication and coordination. Partial grants: - For artists from all countries and all disciplines In this case, Interacciones urbano_rura offers part of the cost of residence, covering insurance, communication, production and coordination of the whole project. The costs of room and board for a period of 2 weeks, would be in charge of the artist. Payment per artist: 500 USD (plus shipping by Western Union). This fee does not include airfare or ground transportation. Payment date: July 3, 2012 Interacciones urbano_rural provides letters of endorsement to the selected artists for them to gather the funds from other institutions.

Expenses paid by artist
  • Travel
  • Housing
  • Supplies
  • Food
Expectations of the artist
  • Presentation
  • Leading Workshop or Class
Application who/how

Application by Mail

Selection procedure

By Committee

Presentation of artists' work

Exhibition at end of Residency

Description of residency



  • Our work is eventual and nomad. We usually adapt different spaces in rural areas for each project. The facilities are variable depend on the place.
Type and size of studios

Shared Studio

  • Shared Room
Working language(s)
  • Spanish
Other activities happening at the space
  • Workshops
  • Presentation
  • Films
  • Exhibitions

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By plane

Ezeiza International Airport (near buenos Aires)

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Centro Rural de Arte
Santiago del Estero 695 piso 3 10
1075 Buenos Aires


Phone: 54 11 43834103 / 48627333

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