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Brief description of residency program

Brief Description of Residency Program

IV international Art Festivals have been celebrated in the town Tifariti, in the Western Sahara liberated Territories. It is a big work on contemporary art and an art museum have been set up there. Our strong experience on art work as social commitment, together with a high professional level have moved us to set up an Art Residency in this town.

The Artists will fly to Tinduf (Algeria), where there are the refuges camps, and will be hosted in a family home. From there they will travel to Tifariti in a patrol (10 hours), where they will be provided with food, a bedroom and an atelier. The civil and military Sahrawi society will support the art project realization, a specific person will be nominated to be the contact for the artists, depending on the facilities needs and their language (Spanish, English, French, Arabic) .
The Art Residency is organised by the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) Ministry of Culture and the Association of Friends of the Sahrawi People in Seville (Asociación de Amistad con el Pueblo Saharaui de Sevilla – AAPSS). This residency is an appointment with artistic practices as a tool to vindicate Human Rights; the right of the people to their land, their culture, their roots and their freedom. It is a space for public art to reflect on creation and society, and it is a point of contact for artists interested in the capacity of art to question and transform the reality. This residency wants to promote intercultural relationship, fomenting the interchange of experiences and skills between local artists and international artists from other parts of the world; to contribute to the international diffusion of the Sahrawi reality, causing a reflection from the world of Art and the Culture through direct knowledge, and promote the development of these people through their cultural patrimony.

Make clear that this is an Art Residency NGO and all the people working don´t get any incomes, in an undeveloped country with people living in refuges camps who depend on the world solidarity. There isn’t any organization budget, yet a solid structure of international cooperation with long and proven experience to assure a great Art Residency with all the human and facilities support.

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ARTIFARITI Art Residency

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ARTIFARITI Art Residency ARTIFARITI Art Residency ARTIFARITI Art Residency