Artist experience at ARTCEB Botopasi Suriname.

by Gery Bouw

"I spent 5 weeks at the Artist in Residence Artceb in Botopasi Suriname in 2017. I stayed there with some other artists on the courtyard of a local family. I got to know the family very well and I was able to get engaged in their daily life. It was an unforgettable experience for me to see the Marrons living in an authentic way in the jungle.
We traveled from Paramaribo in 3 hours by car and then we had a beautiful 3 hours boat trip through the jungle on the Suriname River.

Every artist had his own authentic house or room to live in. I Always worked outside in a beautiful jungle environment at a large table with materials brought in by myself. I have drawn native people because I was inspired by the inhabitants of Botopasi. Despite the heat, I have worked with great spirit.

Samora and Marte-Lise, members of the family, were taking good care of us. The local food was well prepared and very tasty. During our stay we made several trips in the surroundings. I could call and use the internet with the help of a Surinamese telephone card.

An extra plus was that we could exhibit our artwork at the Suriname Museum Fort Zeelandia in Paramaribo at the end of the work-period.

If you like adventures, this is a great opportunity to create art and to experience the way Marrons live in the jungle of Suriname."