Palette People International Art Foundation

Residency experience at Palette People International Art Foundation in Kochi, India.

by Keepa Maskey (Nepal)

"I am writing from Palette People Artist Residency, Vagamon, Kerala-India. I have come here for a month long residency.

Location is the key advantage, I must say. Once you experience the environment, the overwhelming nature and the calmness of the place, I automatically switched to a different gear. It has brought tremendous positivity within me. The self practice really emphasizes my individual growth as an artist. I feel immensely open which is so necessary to create in the truest sense.

I am halfway through my residency now. Interestingly, I have been noticing slight variations adding up to my style. I am able to reflect back on my past styles of work and incorporate some in my recent ones. This, I feel is only abled due to the freedom I have allowed myself to be from within; being in a space as such. I am at a stage where I am able to accept the new changes and apply as needed which would perhaps enhance or deepen my practice.

The overwhelming nature of Vagamon has left no choice for me but to surrender myself to it, which reflects vividly in my works created here. It has made me understand that it is not always about you and I, but plenty other things that exists in this universe.
One of the highlight of this residency has been meeting and interacting with an artist, Anudev Vasundhara. Being able to listen to his views on much needed emphasis on giving its due to the process of painting itself rather than needing to seek to conceptualize for any other purpose was not only reassuring but also made me analyse my own process and the direction that I am heading towards as an artist.
The hill trails here which I initially overlooked, has played an integral part to my journey. They have been challenging physically but also leading me through a meditative path which only is awakening my inner to a great intensity.

Here, the residency takes care of the artist's basic care and cleaning. It provides Ethnic Kerala food and the care taker is always on hand. Hence, the amount of time for oneself is ample. I am able to explore, interact and think without any restrictions. I feel safe and taken care of.

I must say I am thoroughly grateful to have this opportunity, much needed at this stage of my career."