Takt Kunstprojektraum 1/3

Residency experience at Takt Kunstprojektraum in Berlin, Germany.

by Jesssica Rapp

"I arrived at Kunstraum Tapir weary from a long day of travel, but all my weariness began to slip away as I was greeted by a very friendly member of the Takt/Tapir staff and as I felt the welcome that reverberates through the walls. Kustraum Tapir is a very comfortable and peaceful place. There are lots of windows allowing for good natural light and air flow.  Wesertrasse the street the residency resides is an active street with lots of pedestrians but, never did I hear them or my fellow artist flat-mates. The walls are thick and allows for peace and quiet.

 My studio at Tapir was quite large with high ceilings.  Management was very accommodating by giving me the use of a second large work table. I was able to make large scale drawings and had plenty of wall space to install them on. Management was always very supportive and they were prompt with coming to our aide; whether it was tables and aisles or the heating they were on top of it.  The Tapir flat is very comfortable and well stocked. I enjoyed many delicious international diners in the dining room/kitchen.

Fredrishchain the neighborhood where the residency is located is lovely and safe.  There are loads of delectable restaurants, cafes, bars, and grocery stores. Whatever you may need is in walking distance, and really it is a nice place for walking; trees, parks, clean air, independent shops, and old coble stone streets provide a lovely ambience. I never once felt threatened at any time of the day or night, and as a female that helped make my stay at the residency a truly liberating experience.

Berlin is the perfect city for a residency.  It is a cultural paradise. There are so many exhibitions, performances, plays, concerts (not to mention the best philharmonic in the world) that every day of the week can be accompanied by exhilarating art and cutting edge thinking. If you get tired of the city, Berlin and its surroundings are densely forested and it is very easy to escape or to take a weekend trip. Germany is a very beautiful country and it’s easy to arrive in other cities or countries by plane or train.

In addition to the tremendous environment the residency encourages a communal atmosphere. I found that living and working with people from around the globe to be a very enriching experience, culturally and artistically. There was also the opportunity to connect with those in the program that did not live in my flat during the various activities planned by management such as; artist talks, Kunstraum Tapir Gallery openings, open studios, movie nights, diners, gallery tours etc. The residence also includes several opportunities to show work to the public via open studio events and a group show in the Kunstraum Tapir Gallery.

My stay at Kunstraum Tapir provided the grounds for me to grow as an artist and a person. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay and hope to return sometime in the future."