Takt Kunstprojektraum 3/3

Residency experience at Takt Kunstprojektraum in Berlin, Germany.

by Laine Cunningham

"Every art residency provides an extended period of time to focus on
creation. TAKT Kunstprojektraum sets itself apart by providing a program structure that generates unexpected results.

At TAKT, weekly meetings with the other residents, integration with other galleries and arts programs, and a host of presentations, openings, performances and lectures allow for a deep exploration of other artists’ projects, goals, and challenges.

While connecting with artists at other programs has always provided me with
a new perspective, at TAKT, the process was revelatory. Exposure to individuals who were at various stages of their careers, and who approached their work with such dynamic and unique outlooks, spurred important and unexpected changes in my work as a novelist. These types of experiences can only come from careful and caring administration. The program’s founders, Antje Gorner and Bernhard Haas, have created a sterling arts residency program. Their curation, if you will, of the residents alongside an admixture of programming events allows each artist to participate when and how they will. The result is truly one of the most powerful programs an artist can hope to experience."