ufaFabrik Berlin International Cultural Centre

Residency experience at ufaFabrik International Cultural Centre in Berlin, Germany.

by Miriam Swanson

"When we had the chance to present our project of performing arts called “Transmission” for an exchange with uFaFabrik (Berlin) to the Centre of Art and Nature of Farrera (Spain), we were just about to decide what sort of performance we could set up. We’d been thinking about to work together for a long and as soon as the possibility of going Berlin appeared, we realize in which way we could walk.

Both Dani and I are musicians (saxophone player and singer), composers and stage performers and we made this project to find new forms of our expression. Using ours songs, show numbers and the way we play as a field to explore, we take this challenge and connect our hopes to build a space together, in this case, trough the cabaret and varieté language: Berlin had been simply the best place to get it.

Berlin it’s such an interesting place to work in this sense, not only because of the traditional cabaret atmosphere but because of the wealth of its contemporariness. The mixture between the contemporary language, the variety show imaginary and our music has made us to build a structure of a gesture modern cabaret without a text.

The renewal situation of a residence it makes you focus on the point you’re working on. This could seem obvious but it’s not. The creative process it takes 90% of your mind effort, it means an immersion into the place you are working on, into the subject you are working on and also into yourself.

The fact of being out of your context it questions your communication skills in your art practice and it helps to universalize your work. A different language and landscape refreshes the ideas and makes your points of view grow.

August in Berlin is not that alive in the art scene as usual during the year but it’s warmest and friendly to wander. Internship could be hard in some moments but fortunately there’s always an Internet connexion where you can complete your research.

Ufa Fabrik was recovered at the 70’s with several principles that are still new. The combination of different spaces as a school, an organic bakery, 5 stages, a farm for the children, yoga and karate courses and a school circus, it makes a great atmosphere to develop the social involvement with the art forms. It creates a collective sensation that it makes you feel connected to them even in you working reclusion.

Space is a fundamental need in a performing art production and the fact of joining this need to the residence situation is substantially important for the results of our work which we are completely happy about.

Thanks to Ufa Fabrik residence we are in condition to ask for production benefits for our production in 2007, that we hope to show soon to the people of the Ufa."

Miriam Swanson & Dani Nel.Lo were artists in residents at ufaFabrik in Berlin 2006, in co-laboration with, Centre d Art i Natura, Farrera, Spain.