Funding Sources by Region

Securing funding grants for artist residency organizations or programmes is a main challenge. Res Artis cannot provide you any tailor-made grants or funding opportunities, but we support your organizations and programmes in the field of artist residency by providing you with information and examples on where and how to find financial supporting.

We categorise national, regional as well as international grants and do NOT include the “usual suspects”, which you are always capable to check, in the following lists.

The “usual suspects” are:
a. Your local governments (city, regional, county, state, etc.)
b. The Ministry of Culture/Arts/ Heritage in your country
c. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
d. National, or State Cultural institution or foundation in your country

According to the type of your organization or programme and the geographical region it covers, please visit this section that we have classified so far: International, Asia, Africa, Europe, MENA (Middle East & North Africa), North America, South America and Oceania.

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Last update: 22nd October, 2014.