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The JSS in Civita Summer Art School & Residency offers three separate programs for participants:

Master Class with Israel Hershberg and 2018 Guest of Honor: Susannah Phillips and Mentor in Residence: Kurt Knobelsdorf

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JSS IN CIVITA Summer Art School and Residency in Italy provides a nurturing incubator-like artistic environment located in legendary Civita Castellana, less than an hour north of Rome – A singular artistic journey in the most pictorially evocative landscape in the western imagination and a birthplace of open air painting.


Civita Castellana, and its environs, is a place of intoxicating natural beauty. It is steeped in history, both cultural and artistic, going back millennia to the pre-Roman Faliscan civilization. In the Lazio region of Italy, during the 17, 18, and 19th centuries Civita was a Grand Tour epicenter of open air landscape painting for artists sojourning through the Roman Campagna. It has been painted and inhabited by such artistic eminences as Corot, Ingres, Turner, Granet, Michallon, Valenciennes, Dughet, Bertin and played host to the likes of Mozart, Byron, Goethe and others too numerous to list. This is the landscape that set on fire Nicholas Poussin’s and Claude Lorrain’s Arcadian imaginations as they traversed northward from Rome toward Monte Soratte through the Campagna on horseback and on foot, drawing and dreaming. Among the impressive tufa cliffs, gorges, ruins, castles, forts and pastures, all majestically administered by the fabled Monte Soratte, is the immersive and engaging locus that is the JSS in Civita Summer Art School & Residency – a peerless painter’s paradise.

The “JSS in Civita” Italy summer program offers students and artists the possibility of an incomparable engagement with the history of art, its idioms, pictorial conceptions, methods, materials and techniques. The direct experience of Italy’s boundless artistic heritage has the ability to nurture artistic understanding, skill and life-long inspiration.

Our individual Studio Facilities and Studio Classroom, located conveniently in and around Civita’s historic center, are available to Residents and Master Class students who wish to work indoors or couple their open-air work with studio time. The Studio Classroom will be available through advance reservation by Affilliate Faculty whose workshops require an indoor situation.

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  • Visual Art

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  • 1 month
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between 5 and 10

Companions allowed
  • Children
  • Partners
Grants available

There are two scholarships awarded annually: 1. Avigdor Arikha Memorial Master Class Scholarship 2.Avigdor Arikha Memorial International Residency Scholarship For details, visit our website http://jssincivita.com

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OtherCivita Castellana, Falerii in Pre-Roman times, is a 3000 year old city in the Roman Campagna. It was a painting destination for the great Corot, Ingres, Turner, Claude Lorrain and many more...

  • Internet Connection
  • Studios and studio classrooms located in the Civita historic center - see JSS in Civita website
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between 11 and 16

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  • Private Room
  • Private Apartment
  • Shared Room
  • Shared Apartment
  • Private Cabin/House
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  • English
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  • Workshops
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JSS in Civita - Summer Art School & Residency


Phone: +972 50-729-8004

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JSS in Civita - Summer Art School & Residency JSS in Civita - Summer Art School & Residency JSS in Civita - Summer Art School & Residency JSS in Civita - Summer Art School & Residency JSS in Civita - Summer Art School & Residency