Preet Nagar Residency

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We have refurbished a building from 1933, which was originally a part of an intended community set up by my great grandfather Gurbaksh Singh Preetlari. The artist village was set up in 1933 and had stalwarts of literature buying houses here in order to live in a community and work together. Because of the Indo Pak war and later terrorism, people started to move away. Now we are working on reviving the spirit of this tiny village of 70 houses by starting an artist residency that at a time can house 12 people.
We have rooms and workstations and hope to add studios in the future for printmaking, film, photography, sculpture, textile design, theatre and more.
We also will be working on community focussed projects at Preet Nagar with women and children for their empowerment.
This is a seasonal residency from September to March, every winter, as summers are scorching hot!

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Preet Nagar Residency
VPO Preet Nagar, DIstt. Amritsar, India
143110 Amritsar

Phone: +919999645610

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