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Becomebecome is a non-profit that uniquely merges exhibitions, creative incubators and immersion in local art communities into flexible, nomadic residencies taking place across the world. Started by an international team of artist and researchers with a hub in Barcelona, Becomebecome asked one simple question: How can we transform the practice of creatives and researchers by putting them into a radically open dialogue with practitioners from diverse fields and different parts of the world?

Our methodology is process-based and transdisciplinary, transforming barriers into unique collaboration opportunities. Our nomadic residencies take place in different cities and unique communities around the world, connecting us in a new way to how art is produced, exhibited and understood in each context.

As part of our flexible structure, we have collaborated with partners ranging from universities, private galleries and non-profit arts organizations. Our residencies act as project incubators that introduce artists, researchers and curators to powerful tools for evolving their project while making connections with participants and art communities around the world.

Previous events have taken place in Athens, London, Cairo, Barcelona and Shanghai.

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  • English
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  • German
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Carrer Pere IV
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