Anitafrika Retreat Centre: Yemoya International Artist Residency

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The Anitafrika Retreat Centre (Arc) is the soulchild of globally celebrated multi-disciplinary Jamaican artist d´bi.young anitafrika. Arc is an artist oasis that combines trans-disciplinary arts training with wellness practices for the (w)holistic development of instigators, change-makers, educators and disruptors. There are two Arc Locations globally: stunning Chachagua Costa Rica tucked away in a mountain-valley and Keswick Ontario Canada overlooking Lake Simcoe while backing onto a magical forest.

YEMOYA is the flagship artist residency of Arc. The 1-3 week residency-intensive focuses on the creative, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth of its resident artists, using The Anitafrika Sorplusi Method. Residencies are grounded in the eight foundational principles of the method, which form the acronym S.O.R.P..U.S.I: Self-knowledge, Orality, Rhythm, Political Content & Context, Language, Urgency, Sacredness and Integrity. YEMOYA International Artist Residency believes in global change through personal change.

Using The Anitafrika Method, YEMOYA aims to:
-provide resident artists with the tools to achieve optimal creative, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health
-assist resident artists in achieving a significant artistic goal during the course of their residency; such as a monodrama, novel, visual art, portfolio, exhibit, an installation or multi-media piece
-provide artists with an integrative nature-based environment to fostic their holistic transformation

Residencies have been conducted in Canada, UK, South Africa, India, Jamaica, the Bahamas and Hawaii. Alumni of the Anitafrka Sorplusi Method include Amanda Parris of The Exhibitionist, Randell Adjei founder of R.I.S.E, Che Kothari founder of Manifesto, Global Speaker Kim Katrin Crosby, Natasha Adiyana Morris founder of Piece of Mine Festival, Mriga Kapadiya co-founder of Nor Black Nor White Fashion House, Poet and Arts Educator Lishai Peel, and Liza Paul co creator of the widely-celebrated play ´Pomme is French for Apple. These artists today, are leaders in their own creative fields, incorporating the method´s transformational skills building and mentorship techniques as crucial facilitative, pedagogical and social frameworks in their creative and activist endeavors.

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Anitafrika Retreat Centre: Yemoya International Artist Residency
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