General information

Brief description of organisation

The Order of the Elefant is an artist-run arts-organization working in the intersection of art, music, media and philosophy.

TOOTE advocates independent DIY projects with a focus on new approaches to art and commerce. Artists are encouraged, but not obligated, to join in the production of works that seek to re-imagine the ways we live and work together.

Currently our headquarters are based at Finca Sin Numero – a unique eco-estate in Catalonia between the Pyrenees mountains and the Mediterranean sea.
The compound serves as the production center and working facilities for both members of the organization as well as selected artists.
Furthermore it hosts and facilitates retreats and workshops that furthers the mission of the organization.

The artist in residence program is made possible by the unofficial partial grant to use the facilities at Finca Sin Numero by Jan Vandendorpe – The founder and builder of Finca Sin Numero, as well as the voluntary work done by the organizers of the program and the care takers of the compound.

Organisation founded in


Brief description of residency program

For Music / Sound, Performance, Theater, Media production, Video, Writing, Illustration, Nature installations, Nature research, Food.

1-2 months residencies for individuals and duos. 
+ week(+) long residencies for groups between 3-5 artists (sporadic scheduling).

Begins every month the 1st to the second-last day of the month.

2019: 1/6 – 30/9

Amount of artists at the time: 1-13

The organization and place is run by artists. The residency programme is aimed at artists a.o. who needs time and space to work independently on their project.


- Access to all shared facilities
- Private accommodations (or shared with your companion(s))
- Shared groceries (vegetarian, local, private garden)
- Linen / towel
- Pick up / drop off from Figueres
- Private bathroom and kitchen or kitchenette (except in "the Library")
- Activities: group dinners and talks, Small presentation / event by the end of your
- Documentation of work / process
- Name published on our website
- Facilitators are on-site most of the time to help you out and give feedback.


- Travel expenses
- Materials
- Private laundry


- 250 sqm “Atelier”
- 100 sqm dining hall / lounge w. wood-burning stove
- Fully stocked Kitchen
- 16 hectars private land / olive grove
- Vegetable / herb garden
- 2 bikes
- Equipment (see list)*


- 4 microphones
- General cables
- 4 mic stands
- 1 Piano
- Drums (bongos, toms, cymbals, snare)
- 1 electric keyboard
- 1 electric organ
- 1 sound-card (2 track)
- Tape player (double deck)
- Extension chords
- P.A. system
- 2 acoustic guitars
- 2 electric guitars
- 1 small guitar amp
- 1 projector (old)


Please see our website under the tab> artist in residence < for pictures of all accommodation and facilities

Private one-room clay house in the middle of the olive grove w. shower + dry toilet + kitchenette. No internet (can be accessed form the dining hall).
1 double bed

Per month
1 prs /2 ppl: 1000€ / 1300€

Small studio apartment:
Private room w. shower + toilet + kitchenette
2 single beds

Per month:
1 prs / 2 ppl: 900€ / 1200€

Middle studio apartment:
Private room w. shower + toilet + kitchenette
2 single beds

Per month:
1 prs / 2 ppl: 1000 / 1300

Big studio apartment:
Private room w. shower + toilet + kitchenette
1 double bed

Per month:
1 prs / 2 ppl: 1200€ / 1500€

Library - 1 week(+) residency:
100 sqm. 2 toilets + 3 showers + lavabo + work table + books
5 single beds

5 people, 1 week (7 nights): 875€
per extra day: 125€

4 people, 1 week (7 nights): 700€
per extra day: 110€

3 people, 1 week (7 nights): 525€
per extra day: 75€


Deadline of application: 1 month before desired start of residency.
Answer to application: max. 1 week
Acceptance of invitation: max. 1 week
send to:

Application should contain:
1. You / your groups project / praxis at the moment – what you may be focusing on during your stay.
2. Any specific needs / requirements to do your thing
3. short description of you / your group + your general praxis
4. Which space you want (you can “check of” several if you are flexible)
- Please visit our website to see fees, description and pictures of each accommodation available.
5. which months your prefer (you can “check of” several if you are flexible)**
6. 1 or 2 months**
**Library: which and how many days in total - min. 1 week.
7. If you are applying for more than 1 person, please specify if it is a partner or fellow artist. If it\'s a fellow artist and you are not applying as an group, please add the other artist(s)\'s application with the first 3 specifications.

Note: payment: 25% with acceptance of invitation.
75% latest the day of the beginning of the residency.

Disciplines and media
  • Visual Art
  • New Media
  • Animation
  • Curatorial
  • Film Making
  • Architecture
  • Sculpture
  • Dance
  • Theatre
  • Performing Arts
  • Music
  • Literature
  • food
Type of organisation
  • Artist-Run

Residency conditions

Duration of residencies
  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • between 1 and 3 months
Number of artists resident at one time

between 5 and 10

Companions allowed
  • Partners
  • Other
Expenses paid by artist
  • Travel
  • Housing
  • Supplies
  • Food
  • Other

Housing, facilities, food and transportation between Figueres and the Estate is included in the artist fee. Materials and other travel expenses are not included.

Expectations of the artist
  • Cleaning
  • Other

*Cleaning of sleeping facilities + respectful use of facilities

Application who/how

Application by Mail

Selection procedure

By Committee

Presentation of artists' work

Arranged on a case-by-case basis

Description of residency



  • Internet Connection
  • Dance / Performance Practice Space
  • Musical Instruments
  • Shared dining hall / lounge + 16 hectars of private land
  • Library
  • Kitchen
Number of studios


Type and size of studios

Shared Studio

  • Private Room
  • Private Apartment
  • Private Cabin/House
Working language(s)
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Danish
Other activities happening at the space
  • Workshops
  • Exhibitions

How to reach

Nearest airport

Girona - Perpignan - Barcelona