Deadline: 30/11/2013

Grin City Collective Spring 2014 Residency

Join the collective for 2 weeks to 6 weeks of art-making and community work.

 Residents receive studio space, housing, and a collaborative working atmosphere.

Grin City seeks applications from artists of all disciplines at all stages in their career. For the majority of their stay, residents' time is theirs to follow their own creative pursuits. Following Grin City's philosophy of art as social practice, we ask all residents to join us in a variety of social outreach projects 3 afternoons a week.

Outreach can consist of a variety of activities from farming the on-site garden to assisting in after school arts programs to skill-based workshops in disadvantaged neighborhoods to rebuilding storm-damaged homes. Residents work together as a team on all projects.

To some degree, residents can direct projects based on their interest levels, and those with longer residencies have the opportunity to lead their own projects. Residents pay $100 per week of stay and are responsible for their own meals.

Grin City Collective Spring 2014 Residency

Grin City Collective Spring 2014 Residency

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