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AFFECT 2015 Summer Program

AFFECT: Agora´s Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices in Berlin launches its second edition


AFFECT: Agora's Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices in Berlin is pleased to announce its second edition, premiering on May 4th. We cordially invite you to look at this year's program, submit your interest and help spread the word.


AFFECT 2015 is conceived as a 5-month-long program consisting of four consecutive modules each led by an international artist, who invites participants to collectively explore a topic and develop a set of practices and research methodologies over the period of one month in the city of Berlin.

Resembling an immersive summer academy, AFFECT 2015 offers a diverse curriculum of four workshops growing out of the research and practice of the facilitating artists Stine Marie Jacobsen (module #1), Lorenzo Sandoval (module #2), Yves Mettler (module #3), Diego Agulló (module #4) and Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga (module #5). The program is initiated by Agora Collective and moderated by Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga.

AFFECT 2015 is organized within the context of Agora’s participation in CAPP - COLLAB Arts Partnership Programme — a four-year-long research commissioned by Creative Europe supporting the training and development of artists working in social and community contexts throughout Europe. Partners of this project are: Create Ireland (IE), Tate Liverpool (UK), Liver Art Development Agency (UK), m-cult (FI), hablarenarte (ES), Agora (DE), Kunsthalle Osnabrück (DE) and Ludwig Museum (HU). 

"Approaching separate aspects of art's relation to the social" 

The 2015 Summer Program offers international and national visitors the opportunity to join an immersive summer school where to explore four site-specific aspects of art’s relation to Berlin, via artistic research and collaboration. Participatory art projects, microhistory of the every day, multiscalar forces in city development, the artist as entrepeneur: the role of art in the current economy - will be experienced through four one-month modules leaded by an international artist. Around these topics deeply rooted in the Berliner context, AFFECT 2015 aims at outlining and experimenting a methodology where collaboration can arise.

Each module takes the form of a participatory workshop revolving around a central research question supported by a series of activities proposed by the facilitators. Participants will have the opportunity to collectively delve into the proposed research question, bringing in their own sensibilities, practice and experience. Collective exercises, urban explorations and site visits, readings and discussions will pave the way towards individual projects as well as a final event which will allow the group to share and exercise some of the module’s findings in a public format.

During the fifth month of the program, in September 2015, the four facilitators are commissioned to share, test out and expand on the findings of their month-long research in a public format, to be developed collaboratively. The program will be accompanied by a publication, to be published in the fall of 2015.


Module #1
Sensitive Observers. We are the world and how to construct social platforms for it

Facilitated by Stine Marie Jacobsen
May 4 – 31

A workshop about social constructions for participatory art projects, introducing methods from both in- and outside the art world. Hinging on a triple artist/corporation/institution logic, this module studies their different use of and relation to language, metaphors and ethics. A both semantic and socio-political observation where we and our own behaviours figure as necessary research instruments. * Application deadline: April 28

Module #2
Exploring the endotic

Facilitated by Lorenzo Sandoval
June 1 - 28

An invitation to look to the imperceptible of everyday life and rethink space through experience and time. This module will be drawing from findings of the Group Oulipo, relating specifically to George Perec's “endotic”, and microhistory - a methodological change of scale applied to cultural practice; conflict, care and affect in the conception of space. * Application deadline: May 10

Module #3
Europe City in Berlin: beyond the masterplan

Facilitated by Yves Mettler
July 1 – 31

A multi-headed investigation through artistic means of a new area in the middle of Berlin whose development is currently taking place away from public awareness. Following an input on urban geography and interventionist art history, the aim is to create a perceptive mapping, tracing and connecting the multilayered and multiscalar forces concretely building the city. *Application deadline: June 10

Module #4
The artistic mission. What is the role of an artist in a for-profit economy?

Facilitated by Diego Agulló
August 3 - 30

An investigation on the role of art in the current economy, applying conceptual tools and artistic practices to explore the possibility for new value systems to appear, thus expanding the notion of professionalism within the creative industries and the arts. A diagnosis of the city’s current artistic and entrepreneurial environment.    * Application deadline: July 10

Module #5
Mittelweg. A collective publishing experiment

Facilitated by Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga
September 1 - 28

The Mittelweg is a collective publishing experiment unfolding throughout the month of September on and around a small street called Mittelweg in Berlin-Neukölln. The first, and perhaps single, issue of the Mittelweg will explore ideas and forms of the in-between —of buildings, bodies, identities, temporalities—as a site of encounter and conflict, a border along which different realities come to meet, an indeterminate space that allows for hybrid engagements to emerge.
* Application deadline: August 1

Practical information

Participants can choose to enrol in one or more individual modules. Each module is open to 15 international and local participants, who will be selected from an open call. AFFECT is addressed to artists and creatives from a variety of backgrounds. Some of the main fields of interest for the development of the program are: Visual Arts - Film - Sound and Music - Dance/Choreography - Theoretical Practices - Philosophy - Writing - Architecture - Curation - Performance - Creative Science Crossovers - Political/Social Activism - Web Programming - Design - Innovation - Animation – Technology.

The program language will be english. The group will be meeting at least three times a week for a period of four weeks. The exact schedule will be announced at the beginning of each module. Meetings will take place at AFFECT’s space in Agora, but will also include visits to other spaces throughout the city and sessions in public space, according to the needs of each module. The space at Agora will be available as a shared studio space throughout the duration of each module.

The participating fee is 230,- EUR for each module. A small production budget will be provided for the final event of each workshop.



Agora provides space for people and projects to connect. The community at Agora is housed in an eye-catching five floor building in the heart of Neukölln, Berlin. Each floor being 140sqm makes for a spacious environment consisting of studios, co-working areas, workshop rooms, a food platform, a residency and an exhibition space. This cultural hub represents a multifunctional artistic platform with a focus on collaborative practices, interdisciplinary work, and intellectual as well as personal mobility with an international approach. Agora is a highly diverse platform based on a philosophy that reflects values of its community: diversity, self-organization and social ties.

Agora was founded by in 2011. Since then it has become a meeting point where social, educational, artistic, and entrepreneurial values are cultivated, encouraged and supported. Located in the heart of Neukölln, Agora's international identity matches the multicultural suburb in the south-east of Berlin.

AFFECT 2015 Summer Program

AFFECT 2015 Summer Program


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