Deadline: 10/09/2015

maumau writer-in-residence program (September Deadline)

maumau writer-in-residence program

the program aims to create an atmosphere for writers in which they can work isolated from everyday life while experiencing the inspiring nature of istanbul. please check the information document before you submit your application form to with a topic “writer-in-residence program”.

duration: 6 weeks


- accommodation in bedroom

- library

- use of common kitchen

- shared bathroom

- wireless internet


the fee is 1400 euros. applicants are responsible for the transportation costs including the travel to istanbul, around the city, also the funding for their project and daily expenses such as food and medical care.

upcoming deadlines:

16th of september – 27th of october, 2015 / application deadline: 16th of march, 2015
30th of october – 10th of december, 2015 / application deadline: 30th of april, 2015
12th of december – 22nd of january, 2016 / application deadline: 12th of june, 2015
27th of january – 8th of march, 2016 / application deadline: 27th of july, 2015
10th of march – 20th of april, 2016 / application deadline: 10th of september, 2015
22nd of april – 2nd of june, 2016 / application deadline: 22nd of october, 2015
10th of june – 21st of july, 2016 / application deadline: 10th of december, 2015
23rd of july – 2nd of september, 2016 / application deadline: 23rd of january, 2016

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maumau writer-in-residence program (September Deadline)

maumau writer-in-residence program (September Deadline)


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