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"The artistic mission" / Module #4: AFFECT 2015 Summer Program Berlin

Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices in Berlin. AFFECT Module #4: Leaded by Diego Agulló

Module #4
"The artistic mission.
What is the role of an artist in a for-profit economy?"

Facilitated by Diego Agulló
August 3 - 30
* Apply before July 10

An investigation on the role of art in the current economy, applying conceptual tools and artistic practices to explore the possibility for new value systems to appear, thus expanding the notion of professionalism within the creative industries and the arts. A diagnosis of the city’s current artistic and entrepreneurial environment. Read the full description of this module in our program website

About the facilitator

Diego Agulló was born in Madrid in 1980 where he studied philosophy. In 2005 he moved to Berlin where he started working as a freelance video artist and performer. Two years later he had a fortuitous and inevitable encounter with choreography that lasts until today, having developed an interdisciplinary body of work that passes through different forms such as dance, performance art, participatory events, lectures, texts, films, photography, and workshops.

Diego’s current research deals with the intersection between pedagogy and art, creating contexts for learning and practicing theory across art and philosophy. Diego is working on an essay on dilettantism called The Mischievous Mission, in order to problematize the notion of professionalism in arts. The first chapter of this text has been recently released as a limited edition hand book called: Dangerous Dances.

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AFFECT is Agora's Program for Collaborative Artistic Practices in Berlin.
Initiated in 2014 as a residency for artists with a cross-disciplinary approach, AFFECT 2015 Summer Program offers international and national visitors the opportunity to join an immersive summer school where to explore four site specific aspects of art’s relation to Berlin, via artistic research and collaboration. The different modules are facilitated by international artists: Stine Marie Jacobsen (Module #1), Lorenzo Sandoval (Module #2), Yves Mettler (Module #3), Diego Agulló (Module #4). The program is initiated by Agora Collective and moderated by Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga.
Each module takes the form of a participatory workshop revolving around a central research question supported by a series of activities proposed by the facilitators.
Participants will have the opportunity to collectively delve into the proposed research question, bringing in their own sensibilities, practice and experience. Collective exercises, urban explorations and site visits, readings and discussions will pave the way towards individual projects as well as a final event which will allow the group to share and exercise some of the module’s findings in a public format. 

Practical information

Participants can choose to enrol in one or more individual modules. Each module is open to 15 international and local participants, who will be selected from an open call. Based on an interdisciplinary approach, AFFECT is addressed to artists and creatives from a variety of backgrounds. Some of the main fields of interest for the development of the program are: Visual Arts - Film - Sound and Music - Dance/Choreography - Theoretical Practices - Philosophy - Writing - Architecture - Curation - Performance - Creative Science Crossovers - Political/Social Activism - Web Programming - Design - Innovation - Animation – Technology.
The program language will be english. The group will be meeting at least three times a week for a period of four weeks. The exact schedule will be announced at the beginning of each module. Meetings will take place at AFFECT’s space in Agora, but will also include visits to other spaces throughout the city and sessions in public space, according to the needs of each module. The space at Agora will be available as a shared studio space throughout the duration of each module.
The participating fee is 250,- EUR for each module. A small production budget will be provided for the final event of each workshop.
You can apply to one or more of the AFFECT modules by filling in the application here

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"The artistic mission" / Module #4: AFFECT 2015 Summer Program Berlin

"The artistic mission" / Module #4: AFFECT 2015 Summer Program Berlin


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