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Civilization Marks


CIVILIZATION MARKS is a themed residency looking at culture and its marks on the body, in paricular the art of the tattoo. Including talks and tattoo workshops the residency aims to explore the art of the subversive. 

Cave paintings, sculptures and architectural works transmit the culture of civilizations that have created them and have possibly vanished. They are clear and public representations of particular ideology, class and politics. In contrast  to such grand statements body modification practices such as tattoos and scarification are also representation of civilization, however on a much smaller scale; and unlike public artefacts they disappear with the passing of their bearer. 

The purpose of this residency is to look into these intimate traces of civilization as they appear amongst native groups and social sub-cultures (aka Soviet criminals, Chicanos, gay males and hipsters) and how their bodies become bearers of politics, class and cultural values. Through formal and informal discussions we will look at modern tattoo practices around the world, including  the popularity of certain symbols.  The residency will also include a workshop. 

This two week residency costs $560 and includes 3 daily meals prepared from locally and Anima-grown organic products. Anima hosts up to 8 people each residency.

Residents must finance their own stay, and source funding and support from their own countries and networks. If you wish to attend and need an invitation letter for founding please contact us! 

Civilization Marks

Civilization Marks


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