Deadline: 27/05/2015

Truth, Lies, Lore | Thematic Residency at The Banff Centre

The artist must know the manner whereby to convince others of the truthfulness of his lies. -Picasso

Faculty: Kay BurnsJanieta Eyre

This residency offers a platform for playful reinterpretation and fabrication of ‘truths’, thus conveying new insights and perceptions to disrupt established conventions. Whether through enacting alternative personas or inventing new realities through objects, artifacts, narrative, installation, photography, painting, and technology, artists will explore the mutable space between truth, lies, and lore.

Authoritative personas, venues, and institutions present information as truth, while spectators assume what they see, hear, and read to be real.  Anthropological, archaeological, and museological practices of collecting and interpreting have provided the curious public with information and objects which change in meaning over time; questioning the establishment and perceptions of fact. To pique the interest of an assuming public, historical cabinets of curiosities juxtaposed the real with the invented, while circus “side” and “freak” shows lured fascinated bystanders. Cryptozoology and pseudoscience thrive in popular culture today and continue to question and propel modern mythologies. Even portraiture in all its facets has compelled and deceived viewers with a centuries-long reputation for the manipulation and invention of identity and character. Also photography has always had a troubled relationship with truth. Contemporary society offers the ideal platform for deceptive identities - the internet - whereby with remarkable ease anyone can recreate themselves as another or present distorted truths with conviction. How do ideas of truth change over time, and why does manipulation of it continue to survive, thrive, deceive, and fascinate us?   

Throughout this residency we will question where knowledge and truth are located and examine the societal sources that hold claim to it, and thus shape our understanding. Artists can play a role in shifting what is considered factual; inventing or altering perceptions of individuals, events, objects, and imagery distorted through context, environment, and perceived authority. Practitioners of all disciplines are invited to explore what is hidden and what is revealed, and question our collective perceptions of veracity.  

Truth, Lies, Lore | Thematic Residency at The Banff Centre

Truth, Lies, Lore | Thematic Residency at The Banff Centre


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