Deadline: 22/09/2015

Cafe Tissardmine Residencies 2015

last residency for 2015, glorious time of year to be inspired in the Sahara.

The application process is not arduous, send me an email outlining why you would like to come to Tissardmine, what you hope to achieve from your time in the desert and a link to your website or attach samples of your work for me to view.

Not all practices are practical out here – for example it is not a place for internet based research as we do not have internet! It is a place to recharge and inspire.

All too often, there is the demand on artists to produce and keep producing. We don’t ask that of you, what Cafe Tissardmine is designed for is to give you time to breathe, to dream, to think and to have no demands on your time other than those you impose. We do not expect an outcome, a produced product, or some project completed. Only you can ask that of yourself. Having said that…we encourage you to engage in village life and any photos, poems, stories, even a short piece about your stay that you would be willing to share would be much appreciated!


Cafe Tissardmine Residencies 2015

Cafe Tissardmine Residencies 2015


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