Deadline: 01/06/2015

open call for multi media artists

multi media artists are invited to be inspired by North Thailand.

Multi media artists are invited to apply for resendncies at the Ne-Na contemporary art space

Ne-Na was founded in 1998 by a group of Thai and Swedish artists led by artist/curator Shukit Panmongkol. Australian curator Dev Lengjel joined the team in April 2015. Since its inception, Ne'-Na has hosted and supported artists from all over the world. The program is divided between two sites: Monfai Cultural Centre in Chiang Mai city, and the annexe site, just outside the city in Mae Rim. The buildings of both sites are reconstructions of traditional Lanna style architecture.

We provide free transportation, including two round trips a day between the main residency at Monfai, and the annexe site in Mae Rim. Depending upon availability of rooms and working space, artists are welcome to stay in either location or to work between the two. Artists are welcome to borrow basic tools, but are asked to be responsible for most of their own tools and materials.

check out our website for all the information. 


open call for multi media artists

open call for multi media artists


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