Deadline: 27/05/2015

Truth, Lies, Lore | Thematic Residency at The Banff Centre

Play with perceptions and challenge reality to test the boundaries of truth, lies, and lore.

Faculty: Kay Burns
Guest Faculty: Janieta EyreMarina McDougall


Art often operates in liminality between truth and deception, perception and reality. Collecting practices and institutions display objects which change in meaning over time; questioning the establishment and what is considered factual. Pseudoscience and lore continue to thrive from the era of cabinets of curiosity to contemporary society. The Internet provides a perfect platform for deception; in a digital era anyone can reinvent themselves or present distorted truths with conviction.

Artists can challenge conventional wisdom and shift what is considered fact through experimentation, redesigning and redefining objects, altering context and histories. In this residency, we will play with perception and reinvent actuality through artifacts, narrative, sculpture, photography, painting, performance, technology, and more. We will question the idea of truth and examine the societal sources that hold claim to it thus shaping our collective understanding. This program will provide a platform to test the boundaries of what is considered true, what is a lie, and what is lore. 

What does the program offer?

Thematic residencies offer opportunities for artists to come together to explore a common theme.  Discussion groups, readings, critiques, and demonstrations in production techniques are also part of the program. Participants will further develop their artistic practice within a supportive community of their peers, through interaction with faculty mentors, studio visits, and presentation of their work. 

Who should apply?

Visual and digital practitioners of all disciplines are invited to apply.  


Truth, Lies, Lore | Thematic Residency at The Banff Centre

Truth, Lies, Lore | Thematic Residency at The Banff Centre


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