Deadline: 01/07/2015

D.I.S.C. the Art. Unique Art residency in Odisha, India

D.I.S.C. the Art is more than Art residency! It’s a journey of the soul!

Join D.I.S.C. the Art and experience an intercultural dialogues and collaborations  between the international artists and masters of traditional arts and crafts of Odisha, India!

D.I.S.C. the Art is a different type of Art residency as resident artists will be traveling in the unique environment, the rural areas of Odisha, after, there will be an auspicious time at the base camp of the residency.

D.I.S.C. the Art Summer program is 45 days from August 1, 2015 till September 14, 2015.

D.I.S.C. the Art residency Summer program is created to happen as a journey type of the residency and the resident artists together with the residency team will be moving in rural areas of Odisha state in India.

The program contains 3 stages – journey, base camp and exhibition at Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha :
1. Journey. The moving stage of the residency. Group of 6 international artists will be moving through a beautiful rural places of Odisha state, will be collaborating with local artist’s, collecting the ideas and experiences. We have chosen three types of crafts for resident artists to make acquaintance. One is the craft of indigenous people, one is ancient craft of India and one is craft which is now assimilated with a now a days craft culture. According to that artists will move through three places and will be staying at each place for some time, to generate the ideas given by the context and to know deeper the craft. Also artists will be able to work on their own project’s. At the same time artists will enjoy the local nature, living style, local festivals, music, meeting native people. Resident artists will be offered to visit a places of interest at each area.
2. Work in progress. Settled stage of the residency. Artists will be staying at the base camp of the residency to continue developing their creative ideas, finish their art works and to prepare for the exhibition.
3. Outcome. Exhibition of the resident artists. At the end of the residency artists will be given an opportunity to show their residency outcome in the exhibition which will be held at Bhubaneswar, capital of Odisha state India.

We are looking for the adventurous creative individuals with the strong believe that the dialogue between old and new, contemporary and ancient, tradition and innovation will compliment the Art with the new creative ideas and forms of expression.

Priority is given to the visual artists.

D.I.S.C. the Art. Unique Art residency in Odisha, India

D.I.S.C. the Art. Unique Art residency in Odisha, India


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