Deadline: 29/05/2015

Open Call for the Selection of Artists and/or Creators to Participate in the Bòlit Residència Girona Creativa for the International Mapping Festival

Open Call for the Selection of Artists and/or Creators to Participate in the Bòlit Residència Girona Creativa for the International Mapping Festival

Open Call to Participate in the Residència Girona Creativa – International Mapping Festival

With the aim of producing and promoting contemporary art projects and relating them to professional contexts, and thereby generating innovative, educational and creative proposals, the City of Girona, through Bòlit, the Contemporary Arts Centre of Girona, has made a call to national and international visual artists and/or professional creators within the framework of the International Mapping Festival of Girona (FIMG).

To develop artist-in-residence projects at the Bòlit Residència Girona Creativa in order to promote the production and creation of contemporary art in the city of Girona. In this case, the creation process will be held in connection with the Girona International Mapping Festival, which will be holding its second edition this year (from 30th July to 2nd August).
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The successful video mapping project will be carried out over the course of one year, the first part of which will take the form of a creative residency in the city of Girona. The successful artist will choose the façade, building, or space on which they wish to create their video mapping project and will have one year in which to complete their work.

Qualifying Applicants
Professional national or international visual artists who are over 18 and would like to develop a site specific project in the audiovisual field of mapping during a two-month stay in the city.
Artists from Girona and nearby regions can still be artists in residence without actually living in the studio, if they so prefer, as the financial endowment will be the same.

Period of residence: 27th July to 30th September, 2015

Number of proposals selected: one proposal per year

Endowment: Bòlit will provide a travel and subsistence allowance of 800 € in 2015 and 2016. It will also pay a fee of 1,000 € for exhibiting the work and provide 2,700 € for the production and purchase of the work. These amounts are understood to be including all taxes. These amounts will be paid in two instalments: half in 2015 and the remainder in 2016. The Mapping Festival will meet the technical costs of staging the production over the duration of the festival.
 Bòlit will monitor and track the exchange and residency programme and will offer the necessary advice over the entire period. It will also help the artist settle into their new environment and will introduce them to the local artistic community.

Espai Bòlit Residència Girona Creativa and working environment

Espai Bòlit Residència Girona Creativa:
The studio apartment is located in Girona’s Sant Pere neighbourhood and has three open-plan spaces with a balcony overlooking the square: a bedroom with double bed and wardrobe, a kitchen and eating area and an open-plan living room, with sofa, table and chairs and a bathroom fitted with shower and bathtub.
The studio comes with all furnishings and household linen.
One accompanying person may use the studio although occasional visitors will be allowed to stay.
The studio will be granted in good order and conditions and it is expected that the resident artist shall return it in the same way.

The Santa Llúcia chapel will be made available to the successful artist as a workspace.

Description of the location: the small church of Santa Llúcia can be found 300 m from the Bòlit apartment at the start of the climb up towards Montjuïc and is very close to one of the northernmost corners of the city's ancient walls.
The floor area is almost square-shaped and faces east. The area has a ground floor plus a raised mezzanine area. The nave aisles of the church are separated internally by stone arches with plenty of natural sunlight. The arcades support three barrel vaults. The church's architectural style is thirteenth century Roman. The building also features a belfry with post-modern décor and spectacular views.

Location: Jardines de John Lennon, s/n, Girona, Spain.
Website for further information:

Additional support: there is the opportunity to make use of the facilities and equipment at Bòlit, the Contemporary Art Centre of Girona, and the Girona Municipal School of Art (offices, presentation space, workshops and materials), as available. The centre’s technical staff will provide support and advisement to the artist in his/her stay and creative process.

In exchange the artist will be required to
 Present a digital, written and graphic report documenting their stay.
 Take part in the artistic day-to-day reality of their host residency project.
 Deliver documents and articles to be added to Bòlit's archives and send new publications documenting their experience for at least the next three years.
 Take part as panellist and judge in any future selection process for resident artists held by the centres, should their participation be required.

Presentation of results: The resulting artwork will be included in the programme of the International Mapping Festival of Girona 2016. The artist may choose to present the work at festivals or contests that he/she considers opportune, provided that the first presentation and public exhibition is reserved for the International Mapping Festival of Girona (FIMG) 2016.

Related activities: The artist will present their project during the events to be held as part of Mapping Festival 2015. The artist also agrees with Bòlit to stay at least three hours in the workshop on one day of the week during the month of September when the workshop will be opened to the public, allowing the artist to explain their work processes to visitors.

The project will have to feature an educational or informative activity to be carried out during the FIMG festivals and within the Bòlit list of events for 2016.

Considerations: The selected artist may adapt or alter their creative project according to what their stay in the city suggests to them. They may likewise decide upon a new facade in the city they would rather act upon and therefore request the corresponding planimetry of the facade of their choosing. Once their stay has ended, the artist will have to present a reformulated proposal that adheres to the project that had been carried out during their stay, specifying the facade in which they have intervened. The final project will have to be agreed upon by the artist and the Bòlit director. After that, within a two-month period, the artist will receive the plans for the facade they have chosen in 2D or 3D, as requested, various reference images and details on the resolutions and a technical description that must be taken into account when presenting their artistic creation. The maximum duration of the work is 5 minutes.

The resulting artwork will become part of the Contemporary Art Fund of the City of Girona, which will reserve the right to permanently exhibit the winning artwork, recognising at all times the copyrights covered by current law. The City of Girona reserves the rights of public communication regarding the winning artwork.

Delivery of documentation
All documentation must be provided digitally, sent to in a single unified document (pdf, word, etc., less than 5 MB) and must include:
 Open call participation form
 Motivation letter.
 Applicant’s artistic Curriculum Vitae
 Portfolio with an explanation of their best, most recent art projects
 Basic idea or creative concept behind the art project and possible production cost for showcasing the project during the 2016 festival.
 Proposal of activities to be carried out
 Proposal of the additional space and material which may be requested, if required
 If the graphics or audiovisuals exceed 5 MB, it is recommended to post links to servers where the material may be displayed and/or downloaded.
 If applicant believes it necessary, additional documentation may be sent (catalogues, videos, etc.) to the following mailing address: Bòlit, Centre d’Art Contemporani. Girona, Plaça del Vi 1, 17004 Girona. This material will not be returned.
 Participation in this open call implies the acceptance of the user conditions of the studio and facilities that are being provided.

In addition, a properly completed and signed participation form and an acceptance of the conditions, along with a record of the material sent by email, must be sent to the Registry of the City of Girona, either by registered post or in person, in a single sealed envelope bearing the following:
Ajuntament de Girona
Plaça del Vi, 1
17004 Girona

The post office or registry stamp will be verified as falling within the deadline for the open call.
Any questions regarding the open call can be directed by email to: 
Dossiers that are not selected can be collected from Bòlit's offices up until 15 September 2015. Any dossiers that are not collected will be destroyed.

Presentation deadline and adjudication
The deadline for receiving projects will remain open until 29th May, 2015.
Decisions will be made public on the centre's website
Bòlit will personally notify the applicants of their decision.

Evaluation criteria
Good candidates will provide:
 Innovative and creative proposals that employ languages and interests akin to contemporary creation and thinking.
 Capacity to establish ways of bridging the communication gap between artistic creation and society.
 Actions in the project that bring the content into the context and factors of the location.
 Technical feasibility.

Selection and adjudication process
Once the deadline for receiving proposals has passed, they will be verified and those not presenting all the documentation required or not fulfilling the call guidelines will be disqualified.

The jury comprises the director of Bòlit, Contemporary Art Centre of Girona, the directors of the Municipal Art School and Bloom – Centres 3D i Tecnologies Emergents – Girona, as well as the artistic director of the FIMG and one of the festival’s international jury members.

If necessary, additional information may be requested or the applicants may be convened to verify their suitability to carry out the proposed work (either in person or by Skype).

The jury will evaluate the projects according to the criteria indicated in these guidelines, and present their suggestions for awarding the grants to the City of Girona for their approval.

Implementing the project
- Once the selected projects have been announced, both parties will agree to an implementation schedule. After that a contract will be signed between Bòlit, Contemporary Art Centre of Girona – the City of Girona and the artists and/or creators responsible for the selected proposal, in which the commitment between all parties will be stated: schedules, payment methods, copyrights, etc.
- The selected project, along with the results of the process, will be exhibited and/or presented in the Mapping Festival 2016.

Acceptance of the guidelines
The participation in this open call implies the acceptance of these guidelines and the adjudication of the jury, as well as any changes which may subsequently occur as a result of factors beyond the control of the organisers.

Bòlit Residència Girona Creativa - MAPPING

Participation Form

1. Applicant Data

Name and Surname(s) ID

Mailing Address

Telephone Mobile

Email Date of Birth

I accept the condition of use for the studio-residence and the equipment being loaned.

2. Portfolio (explanation of the three best, most recent art and/or research projects)

3. Basic idea or creative concept of the art or research project that you would like to include

Applicant signature,

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Open Call for the Selection of Artists and/or Creators to Participate in the Bòlit Residència Girona Creativa for the International Mapping Festival

Open Call for the Selection of Artists and/or Creators to Participate in the Bòlit Residència Girona Creativa for the International Mapping Festival


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