Deadline: 12/06/2015

Camargo Foundation LabexMed Residency Program

2-4 week residential Fellowships for teams of researchers and artists

Fellowship residencies from 16th November 2015 to 21st
January 2016 or from 1st March to 21st April 2016

Applications ONLY sent by e-mail 

Deadline for submission: Friday 12th June 2015 (midnight, French time).

The Camargo Foundation, located in Cassis, France and founded by artist and
philanthropist Jerome Hill, is a residential center offering multicultural and interdisciplinary programming in the humanities and the arts. Offering artists, researchers and intellectuals a space to reflect. Iit is particularly dedicated to researchers who want to pursue studies in the human and social sciences related to French, French-speaking and Mediterranean cultures, as well as to artists of any artistic discipline to think, create, and connect.

LabexMed, unit of Excellence for Mediterranean studies, coordinated by the Maison
Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme – USR 3125 in Aix-en-Provence (France), has the ambition of moving further along the path towards pluridisciplinary and integrated research on the Mediterranean, on the strength of its partner units’ disciplines (archaeology, history, anthropology, sociology, geography, political sciences, economics, law, philosophy, epistemology), by encouraging the dialogue between HSS and the earth, life and environmental sciences, throughout any time and geographical scales.

The Camargo Foundation and LabexMed program are keen to stimulate relations and
cultural exchanges between researchers and artists of the Mediterranean Basin in order to support the development of projects at the interface between HSS and the arts with the aim of a common production.

In their proposals, applicants should therefore clearly demonstrate their interest in
interdisciplinary crossovers and in exchanges between HSS and the arts, on the basis of their research and itineraries.


Applications must be sent not later than Friday 12th June (midnight, French time)
Residencies - duration 2 to 4 weeks - will take place during the following period (to be chosen by
the candidates):
- 16.11.2015 to 21.01.2016
- 01.03.2016 to 21.04.2016


Special LabexMed residencies at Camargo Foundation are open to teams composed of 2 to 5 persons including artist(s) and researcher(s). The team’s project will include at least one researcher from a research unit of LabexMed program (see appendix). Priority will be give to teams including someone from a Mediterranean country.


Residents’ travel expenses from their usual place of residence to Cassis (France) and back will be reimbursed by LabexMed programm.
Residents will also receive a daily allowance of 30€50.

The Camargo Foundation provides free accommodation to residents.
The 12 apartments are fully furnished and equipped. There is also a reference library, a musicconference room, two studios for composers and/or visual artists.

Applications can be in English or French.
Candidates should submit their applications EXCLUSIVELY by email
Applications must include:
- Duly completed application form (mandatory fields);
- One pdf file including:
- Description of project: objectives, methods, scientific and artistic interest,
Mediterranean characteristic, artistic and HSS research crossovers, production and
expected feedback (3 to 5 pages / max of 2 000 words)
- Curriculum Vitae with a list of publications and/or creations/productions
- 1 or 2 letters of recommendation.

Appendix 1 : Research units partners of LabexMed program
USR 3125 – MMSH (AMU-­‐CNRS)
UMR 7299 – Centre Camille Jullian. Histoire et archéologie de la Méditerranée et de l’Afrique du Nord de la Protohistoire à la fin de l’Antiquité (CCJ/ AMU-­‐CNRS-MCC)
UMR 7297 – Centre Paul-­‐Albert Février. Textes et documents de la Méditerranée antique et médiévale (TDMAM/ AMU-­‐CNRS)
USR 3155 – Institut de recherche sur l’architecture antique (IRAA/ AMU-­‐CNRS)
UMR 7298 – Laboratoire d’archéologie médiévale et moderne en Méditerranée (LA3M/
UMR 7269 – Laboratoire méditerranéen de Préhistoire Europe Afrique (LAMPEA/ AMU-­‐CNRS)
UMR 8171 – Institut des mondes africains (IMAf– équipe d’Aix/ Paris 1 -­‐AMU-­‐CNRS-EPHE)
UMR 7307 – Laboratoire d’ethnologie méditerranéenne, européenne et comparative (IDEMEC/
UMR 7305 – Laboratoire méditerranéen de sociologie (LAMES/ AMU-­‐CNRS)
UMR 7310 – Institut de recherches et d’études sur le monde arabe et musulman (IREMAM/
UMR 7303 – Temps, espaces, langages. Europe méridionale, Méditerranée (TELEMME/
UMR 7304 – Epistémologie et ergonomie comparatives (CEPERC / AMU-­‐CNRS)
UMR 7317 – Laboratoire d’économie et de sociologie du travail (LEST/ AMU-­‐CNRS)
UMR 151 – Laboratoire population, environnement, développement (LPED/AMU-­‐IRD)
UMR 7318 – Droits international, comparé et européen (DICE / AMU-­‐CNRS)
UMR 8562 – Centre Norbert Elias (AMU-­‐CNRS-­‐EHESS-­‐UAPV)

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Camargo Foundation LabexMed Residency Program

Camargo Foundation LabexMed Residency Program


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