Deadline: 31/05/2015

Final Call out for the JUNE A.I.R. programme @ Takt Berlin

Spend the summer in Berlin expending your practice & immersing yourself in our eclectic programme


The application for our summer residency is drawing to a close and we still have some places available. If you want to spend the summer in Berlin as part of the Takt creative community, expanding your process, immersing yourself in our programme and seeing everything that Berlin has to offer, then get in touch as soon as you can! 

Please download our full information pack here 

We offer:

Takt residency programme in the heart of Friedrichshain and Prenzlauer Berg (600€ per residency month)

• Weekly group art critique with our visiting artist.

• Weekly Artist Talk at Takt Academy at Tapir Gallery.

• Weekly studio visits with Berlin based artists (German and International).

• Group visits to some of the most exciting Galleries and exhibition openings that Berlin has to offer.

• Weekly Berlin based cultural events.

• A group show, every 3 months / 4 times a year.

• Weekly German for beginners classes.   

• weekly life drawing sessions.

Takt Studio Apartments live/work spaces (prices start at 450€ per month)

• 5x fully furnished residency apartments as live/work spaces within a shared house, kitchen and bathroom arrangement for the Takt artist residencies. 3x locations in Friedrichshain and 2x locations in Prenzlauer Berg.

• In Prenzlauer Berg, 1x of the locations is a separate apartment, fully furnished and designed for artists staying with family/children or for artists looking for a space of their own, doing desk work only.

• In Friedrichshain, 3x friendly residency apartments are located on the same residential street. Total of 10x live/work studios available for artists and partners.

• In Prenzlauer Berg, the 2x residency apartments for writers and Digital Media artists are located next to each other. Total of 5x live/work studios available for artists and partners (and as mentioned above, at the smaller one artists can also stay with their children here!)

• Kunstraum Tapir is our gallery is also part of Takt.

You can also stay elsewhere in Berlin and only join in the Takt programme. To work and stay at the Takt studios please find fees attached under "Welcome to Takt"

In addition we offer: 

The Takt Mentorship programme 

One-on-one mentoring availble with expert artists from many diciplines. The mentor programme offers a wonderful oppoertunity for artists looking to push their practice further, or take a new direction.

The format of the mentorship will vary according to the artist's needs and should be arranged directly between the artist and the mentor. 

Current Takt Mentors Include

Olivia Bishop - Artist / Curator

Antje Blumenstein - Artist / Sculptor / Painter

Lena Fliessbach - Curator / Arts-Writer / Arts Journalist

David Kantounas - Director / Theatre Maker / Playwright

Isolde Krams - Sculptor / Performing Artist

Sophia Schama - Artist / Painter

Sabine Schründer - Artist / Photographer / Installation

Nina Thorwart - Artist / Curator

Pete Wheeler - Artist / Painter / Photographic and Analogue Work

A full list of our current colleagues and mentors can be found by clicking HERE.

Final Call out for the JUNE A.I.R. programme @ Takt Berlin

Final Call out for the JUNE A.I.R. programme @ Takt Berlin


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