Deadline: 15/09/2015

PECAH 2016 - the colors of Himalayas

PECAH is now open for application for its third edition! PECAH 2016 is waiting for you

PECAH is an art residency that will give you the opportunity, through workshops, to learn about traditional Indian art forms such as aipan, pattachitra, cow dung painting, fok music, folk danse, etc. You will learn from the masters as well as exchange with them, with the teachers and all the artists around your view on art. Share your artistic process with artists from all around the world and create links with them that can last a lifetime! At PECAH, we promote international friendship and collaboration in between the artists, believing that working together, sharing opportunities as well, can enrich one artist's work and career.

PECAH has the perfect location: facing the Himalayas, you get a breath-taking view every day of your stay - it is truly inspirational, whether you are a painter, a photographer, a musician, a writer, etc. It is also the opportunity to learn more about India in a real quiet context, which can be a great contrast with the constant noise of the big Indian cities.

Come to PECAH not only to travel and see art behind a glass in a museum: learn to make it, look at it from close and truly immerse yourself in this beautiful adventure!


PECAH 2016 - the colors of Himalayas

PECAH 2016 - the colors of Himalayas


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