Deadline: 31/12/2015

Mango season: tropical summer residency

Collect impressions in the cradle of Senegalese urban culture, create, get involved.

The Waaw residence is situated right in the middle of the Saint-Louis island in the Senegal river, where the picturesque decay of the colonial town contrasts with the cultural expressions of modern West Africa.

Waaw welcomes practitioners in all art disciplines, as well as journalists and researchers. We generally favour projects with relevance to the Senegalese cultural context.
A stay at Waaw can be devoted to either a community-oriented residency project or individual work in a more secluded setting. We can accommodate maximum 7 people for this particular residency.
The Waaw residence offers simple accommodation, work space and assistance in establishing contacts locally. There is free wifi, but the connection is often rather poor. If you need to be constantly online, this may not be the ideal residency for you.

Mango season: tropical summer residency

Mango season: tropical summer residency


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