Deadline: 29/09/2017

Stories My Body Told Me

Week long residency focusing on stories of immigration & migration.

Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Island, Canada
Facilitators: Snjezana Pruginic, Iberina Raquel Vilhena 

Through a partnership between The Social Good and Walnut Contemporary gallery, Artscape Gibraltar Point is pleased to announce the call for applications: Stories That My Body Told Me, a residency that aims to encourage artists to connect with their inner self and then transcribe their embodied memory of migration and immigration into an artistic body of work.

Open to Canadian and international applicants, Stories That My Body Told Me will take place on Artscape Gibraltar Point, from November 6 – 13,  2017.

Application Criteria:
This project is open to emerging and established artists. The successful candidates will spend a week on Toronto Island at Artscape Gibraltar Point. The project will culminate in a group show at Walnut Contemporary gallery.

Arts mediums may range in medium, size or structure.

To be eligible for consideration, candidates must:

  • Have showed in a minimum of two group shows or a group show and a solo show
  • Be responsible for acquiring the necessary visa if coming from a foreign country
  • Bring their own food
  • Bring your own materials for the residency

 The successful candidate will be required to provide:

  • Project proposal (4000 characters maximum)
  • Short biography and artist statement (2000 characters maximum)
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae (4 pages maximum)
  • 5 images (maximum) in JPEG format, with relevant caption information
  • updated website

Selection Process:
The successful candidates will be selected by a jury that includes Toronto-based curator and gallery director Iberina Raquel Vilhena and Snjezana Pruginic, founder of The Social Good.

Description of Residency Program
This one week residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point, on the beautiful Toronto Island, is a part of four month project whose aim is to create a visual representation of personal experiences of immigration and migration and the way these experiences get stored as untold stories and memories inside the body and mind. Half of the time spent at the residency will consist  of participatory facilitated self-reflection work via meditation, expressive movement and mindfulness exercises as a way of entering into a deeply self-reflective body-mind state and tapping into the unspoken and untold memories stored within the body. From this meditative and self-reflective process artists will be given the rest of the time to begin the process of creating a visual body of work expressing, capturing and representing these embodied memories. Upon the completion of the one week residency and working closely with a Toronto curator, the artists will have 3 months to finish their body of work for a group exhibition at Walnut Contemporary gallery in Toronto.

You will experience:

  • A deeper connection to yourself and your own stories, memories and body-mind connection
  • A meditative access point into your creative work and creation of your artistic piece
  • A safe and relaxing space to explore your stories and give them visual representation.
  • A first hand opportunity to work directly with a curator and get the needed help to take your practice to the next level.

 We will provide:

  • One week residency on the beautiful Hanlan’s Point of Toronto island
  • Facilitated workshops in creating deeper body-mind connection while tapping into your personal memories and stories and using expressive arts to begin the process of shaping them into tangible bodies of creation.
  • Personal and individual support by Toronto curator during the residency and after for the next 3 months and the conclusion of the work.
  • Participation in a group show at Walnut Contemporary Gallery in Toronto
  • Participation in panel discussions and debates during the time of exhibition at the gallery

About the Facilitators:
Snjezana Pruginic is a wellness practitioner, mindfulness worker and former dancer working with body-mind therapies and expressions as access points for healing, storytelling and collective community building. She has over 15 years of professional experience working with individuals experiencing embodied trauma as a result of violence, immigration and migration. As well her personal experience  of working through dance, meditation, creative writing and body-based therapies to give voice to her own stories of immigration to Canada due to economic instability and war is what first created the Stories That My Body Told Me Project in 2012 in written and contemporary dance forms. This current project and collaboration with curator Iberina Raquel Vilhena is part of Snjezana’s commitment to creating and holding spaces which encourage people to connect to and express their own stories through the visual power of art as part of our personal and collective healing and building of a better world.

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Iberina Raquel Vilhena studied and advanced her career in the visual arts until relocating to Toronto in August of 2013. In October of 2014 she accepted the invitation to become Director and Curator at Walnut Contemporary Gallery. Her mission while representing and managing the portfolios of established Canadian and international artists, is also to mentor and work directly with emerging and established artists in developing and executing new projects for exhibition.

Vilhena’s curatorial process evolves from her passion for words and visual communication, which takes her on a “storytelling” voyage. Her themes of choice are often environmental or humanitarian, and in her opinion art is best vehicle to showcase these subjects and bring awareness to the public. Vilhena’s curatorial techniques do not meet with any boundaries or restrictions to achieve unconventional and innovative ideas. Combining installation and mixing performance arts with different mediums in a single show are one of her strongest forms of expression.

With the project Stories That My Body Told Me, Vilhena felt immediately engaged with the concept has a passionate newcomer to Canada.

Duration of Residency
November 6 – 13, 2017

Duration of Project
4 months and later a group show at the gallery

Private Bedroom 

Studio / Workspace
Shared, furnished large studio space provided. Artist is responsible for bringing own materials during residency. Following the residency the artist will continue working in their own studio/ workspace.

Fees Supported by the Artist
$750 for private bedroom, plus HST.
(package includes accommodation, large shared studio, workshop facilitation,
programming, and an exhibition)

Expectations from the Participating Artist
Artists will be expected to participate in all facilitated workshop during the residency and beginning the process of creation of their body of work during studio time. After the residency artists will be expected to complete their body of work in the upcoming 3 months and have it shipped or delivered to Walnut Contemporary Gallery in time for the group show as outlined by the gallery.

With this project we hope to get a group of artists that will explore the concept with the most diverse mediums including painting; sculpture; photography; video; installation and performing arts.

Studio / Workspace
Shared, furnished large studio space provided. Artist is responsible for bringing own materials during residency. Following the residency the artist will continue working in their own studio/ workspace. 

Application information
To Apply, simply visit and indicate your are applying to Stories My Body Told Me in your description.

Submission Deadline: September 29, 2017 

Stories My Body Told Me

Stories My Body Told Me


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