Deadline: 24/02/2017

“Gardens of Earthy Delights”

A textile/fibre artist, a sculptor and a 2D artist to transform the terraced gardens of Caylus.

“Gardens of Earthy Delights”
The association ArtHouseCaylus in partnership with DRAWinternational is searching for three artists: a textile/fibre artist, sculptor, and a 2D artist to produce site specific work. These works will be featured in the two tiered gardens at the drawing centre, overlooking the the medieval village of Caylus.

The purpose of these gardens, for artists in residence and the community at large, is for artistic creations to compliment the ‘jardin potager’. This will include areas for performance, picnic and relaxation. 
A studio will be provided and assistance given for fabrication and installation, where possible artists are expected to use locally sourced materials.
Artists will be selected on the quality of their residency proposal.

The DRAWinternational AiR programme aims to support artists in their professional practice/research and encourage creative exchange.
The centre organises events (exhibitions, open workshops and seminars/presentations) to promote it's activities and share creative experience and opportunities within the public domain.

Artists are accommodated in self catering apartments with private rooms at our recently acquired building "l'ancienne gendarmerie". 
The centre provides two evening meals per week for all artists and uses fresh local produce in order to create delicious menus that incorporate regional specialities.

Studio/ workspace
Artists are allocated individual studio spaces to suit particular project requirements both at the "gendarmerie" and at the centre with unlimited access. Additional facilities include, flexible studio space for large scale works/installation/performance/music, technical workshop, etching press, top loading kiln and technical assistance.
Work equipment and assistance
Additional facilities include, flexible studio space for large scale works/installation/performance/music, technical workshop - hand tools plus machine tools, data projector for public presentation.

Fees and support
DRAWinternational is an artist run, non profit organisation promoting cultural exchange in a rural environment. ArtHouseCaylus is a non profit organisation responsible for 'les Jardins du Paradis'.
Artists are required to raise their own funds, we do however, provide the necessary documentation to support applications for funding and references for future career opportunities.
Fees 900 Euros per month
The fee covers :
Private bedroom in self catering apartment with shared kitchen, bathroom, dining/sitting room and gardens.
Evening meal two days per week.
Individual studio
Locally sourced materials for site specific works.
Academic support and regular discussion of work and access to relevant documentation.
Documentation of studio practice.
Daily support for artists to encourage integration within the community.
Editing and translation of written text.
Organisation and promotion of Open Studios at the end of the residency for the public.
Promotion of the artists residency via DRAWinternational's website, radio and local newspapers and ArtHouseCaylus blog.
Cultural visits.

Expectations towards the artist
An open attitude in order to engage in new perspectives/experiences/challenges and to facilitate reflection and communication.
Artists are encouraged to integrate and build a rapport within the community to maintain the genuine interest in DRAWinternational's and ArtHouseCaylus's activities and each artists' particular contribution.

Application information
We deal with every enquiry individually. Please contact us at  

“Gardens of Earthy Delights”

“Gardens of Earthy Delights”


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