Deadline: 30/11/2017

Raghurajpur International Art /Culture Exchange

Work with 5 Masters in a Heritage Village in India and learn their techniques.

Description of the residency program
This residency gives artists and opportunity to work with Masters in historical techniques in a Heritage Village. These techniques can then be applied to contemporary works.

Duration of the residency
This residency runs for 5 weeks.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Disciplines include Pata Chitra painting, Tessar (silk) painting, Cow Dung Toy making, Paper Mache maskmaking, Tokra (bronze casting) jewelry, Palm Leaf Carving, and other traditional folk art forms practiced in this village. All materials are provided for the participants.  Each program runs for one week and will be led by a Master in that particular art form.  Two day breaks between programs are used for travel throughout the region to see the sites.

Accommodation is shared and very modest. A floor mat and a mosquito net are provided and bathroom facilities are shared. Housing is not co-ed except when couples apply and they will be accommodated in separate housing.

The studio is shared by the participants and consists of small tables and floor cushions. The space is provided for workshop participation and does not include private studio space.

Fees and Support
U.S. $300 per week includes housing, meals and workshops. Other funds required are for extra-curricular travel throughout Odisha to see sites. This will add up to approximately $300, but will vary according to sites chosen. There is no funding available by the residency at this time.

Expectations towards the artist
Artists should participate in all workshops. Artists should come with some visual media to share with fellw participants and the community. There is usually an exhibition at the end of the program to share what participants have accomplished and to stimulate discussion.

Application Information
Go to the website and fill in the application form. Include a current resume/curriculum vitae, six digital images that represent your current work (include medium and year), an artist's statement describing your practice (200 words or less), and a short write-up detailing why you would like to attend (200 words or less).

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Raghurajpur International Art /Culture Exchange

Raghurajpur International Art /Culture Exchange


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