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Winter Residence at RUD AIR

Self-directed retreat for independent artists and writers, in rural countryside of Sweden.

Description of residency program
RUD AIR is an Artist-In-Residence program in the rural area of Laxarby. It is situated ten km east of the small town of Bengtsfors, in the province of Dalsland, South-West Sweden. Away from the energetic and often hectic art world of the cities, this residency provides a tranquil and intimate space for art and reflection.

RUD AIR is first of all a retreat for artists and writers. It is not a space for promotion, exhibition, strategic networking, or facing a public audience. It is a space for reflection and rest in order to make space for something new.

RUD AIR wants to make space for the stillness and peace within the surrounding nature and within human consciousness. As a contrast to the excessive visual noice, imagery crap and egoistic self-affirmation, in this world of crisis and chaos - artists are welcomed to a possibility of being quiet and listen to the silence. RUD AIR wishes to give artists the opportunity to not produce or perform, but to gently direct their attention to the source from where ideas and creativity truly originates, before it is even called art. The boundless space within oneself that constantly redefines itself in relation to the world.

Duration of residency and fees
The Winter residence period is between October 2017 and February 2018. During this period the studio is not available. The Winter residence is for artists and writers who only need a private room. The fee is 3 000 SEK per month and person. If you wish to have the whole flat to yourself, the fee is 3 000 SEK x 3.

The residency is mainly for one to three individuals at a time. There is flexibility for collaborative groups or partners who might want to share a room.

On the first floor there are two rooms with a shared kitchen and a private entrance. The third room is on the ground floor. There is also a bathroom with a shower available on the ground floor. The kitchen is fully equipped, and includes a fireplace for the colder seasons. The rooms are light and supplied with basic furnishings. Extra beds are available if required.The artist is responsible for cleaning the private room, kitchen and bathroom at the end of each residency period.

Please respect that parts of the house are the hosts´ private space. Sometimes, for shorter or longer periods, the host is not present in the house.

Expectations towards the artist
Cleaning ones room and work space at departure.

Application information
Welcome to submit your proposal by sending:
* A motivation for your stay, with preferred dates for your residence (three options in an order of preference) (please check list for availability on the website)
* Documentation of work and/or link to website.
* CV

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Winter Residence at RUD AIR

Winter Residence at RUD AIR


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