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Ilhabela Island - Brazil - Art Residency // 2017 - 2018

A multidisciplinary space to focus in ideas and projects in an ecological paradise.

Description of residency program
Casa na Ilha is a creative retreat in Ilhabela Island, Brazil, an ecological paradise and preservation area at 200 km from Sao Pablo.Casa Na Ilha is based in a colonial house in the island of 
Ilhabela, Brazil.

The Residency Program is an initiative born from the idea of artists from different disciplines to create a space where creativity is encouraged, focusing in the construction of the creative process, development and curatorial process of artistic and environmental engaged projects in one place away from the city and distractions of daily routine.

Casa na Ilha Residency programs runs in a colonial house built in 1967, 20 km away from the island town, emplaced in the middle of the rainforest surrounded with nature.  The house, located a few meters away from a peaceful coastline and natural waterfalls creates the perfect enviroment to relax the mind and focus on projects.

The house has gardens full of flowers, trees, an organic garden, orchards, and spring water supplied. The absolute peace and tranquility of the place are perfect for feeding inspiration and disconnection with the world today that generally cause blockages between the artist and their work.

Casa na Ilha is a retreat space to devote time and focus to your creative pursuits in an ecological paradise. Artists can intensely dedicate on their work in progress or develop new projects. The main goal is that artists are able to focus on their ideas and projects, enhancing creativity and inspiration and connect, between them, the local community and nature .

Casa na Ilha welcomes artists with a professional standing in their field and emerging artists of promising talent. 

Duration of residency
The Residency Program is 4 weeks long duration between 5 - 8 artists at a time. In case projects requires it, participants may apply for a longer period.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

Applications are accepted from all disciplines: 

  •         Writing
  •         Painting
  •         Photography
  •         Visual/Plastic Arts
  •         Film
  •         Research (Sustainability/Ecology/biodiversity/Climate Change)
  •         Dance
  •         Sound & Music
  •         Design
  •         Architecture
  •         Textile
  •         Philosophy

The residency program promotes the development of projects in all stages, from conception of the idea to the presentation of the same.

Private and Shared Rooms in a self sustained house emplaced in the middle of the rainforest surrounded with nature. The house, located a few meters away from the sea  and natural waterfalls creates the perfect enviroment to relax the mind and focus on projects.

Studio/ workspace

We offer:

· Indoor Common work space
· Outdoor work space in a gallery that surrounds the house, 2500 sqf gardens and jungle, and of course the beach, waterfall and swimming pool area.
· Tutor available 24/7.
· Lodging in private or shared rooms en suite fully furnish.
· Natural resources from jungle, beaches waterfalls and gardens can be used without endangering the eco balance of the region.
· Wifi.
· Cleaning and cooking services.
· Orientation and accompaniment on the project development before and after residency period.
· Interaction and connection with the community and local organizations

Fees and costs
Fees and costs are based on a 4 week residency period. In case of longer
periods, please contact us at

Casa na Ilha is a non profit organization, fees and cost are estimated to
run the program, the facilities and the equipment.

Residency program fee
• 1000 R$ Brazilian Real /320 Usd (aprox) 2 bed shared ensuite room per week
• 1300 R$ Brazilian Real/ 417 Usd (aprox) 1 bed private ensuite room per week

Including linen and full access to house facilities.

Tea and coffee is available 24 hs

Meal service fee
• 300 R$ Brazilian Real/ 100 Usd (aprox) per week

Includes Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Expectations towards the artist
Casa na Ilha is a space where to develop, improve and curate personal and group projects in an interdisciplinary ambience, nurturing for different views opinions and expertise.  

Artists can choose to work on a self-directed residency or as part of an interdisciplinary program. Artists in residency can expand their practice with talks and discussions with their peers, connect with local community, engage in meaningful conversations around global culture and contemporary art. Through peer interaction, discussion groups, studio work, formal lectures, studio visits, contact with local organizations and work with curator from an art center and art galleries, participants gain new ideas and insights that can be applied to creative exploration and the development of their work.   

The residency program promotes the development of projects in all stages, from conception of the idea to the presentation of the same.

As a Casa na Ilha guest you will have uninterrupted, self-directed work time. We will not pressure you to deliver finished work; you can focus solely on research and development of ideas. But, in each residency period at Casa Na Ilha, common spaces, optional talks and activities will be conceived to promote not only collaboration between the artists, but to empower ideas between different participants and interdisciplinary learning. Casa na Ilha embraces the role of being an active platform of thinking, discussion, production and sharing trough daily and weekly meetings as dynamic gatherings open to share and exchange ideas and perspectives among participants and curators.

During the residency period there will be a 24/7 tutor available.

It will be optional to give a talk, exhibition or workshop as well as working with local organizations. We will help artist make the necessary contacts, approaches and arrangements  with different parties the project requires. 

Casa na Ilha gathers individuals with different expertise, sensibilitites, skills and backgrounds committed to contribute to the enrichment of intellectual and artistic circles with their professional collaborations and public interactions, also carrying a strong belief in the importance of building a community that shares and grows. 

Ilhabela Island - Brazil - Art Residency // 2017 - 2018

Ilhabela Island - Brazil - Art Residency // 2017 - 2018


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