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EXPERIENCE Artinn Jaipur

Textile enthusiasts from Australia experience personalised hand block printing at ArtInn Jaipur.

Description of residency program
Experience the endless opportunities to add the colors of Rajasthan to your art forms. Whether its the natural stone color technique of age old miniature art paintings of the different schools of learning or the intricate enamelling on brass, silver and gold. See the natural plant dyes made out of peels,seedsand bark unfold the hues of nature on the handmade organic fabrics.

Experience a lifestyle -Visit the forts and palaces surrounded by the village havelies and beautifully decorated with mandanas and functional courtyards of the common people. 

Experience the culture in the festivals and fairs and and timeless traditions 

Duration of residency
a week to 3 months

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Traditional arts of Rajasthan
Miniature painting
Blue pottery

6 rooms can accomodate 6-12 (sharing )people 

Studio/ workspace
inhouse Block printing studio

Respective master artists have their own studios ,but one needs to commute by local transport

Fees and support
1500-3000INR /day

Expectations towards the artist
Create connect and experience 

Application information
on request 

EXPERIENCE Artinn Jaipur

EXPERIENCE Artinn Jaipur


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Residency ends

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