Deadline: 10/02/2017

Pedagogical Innovation: Rethinking school

PEDAGOGY. Schools in 21st century.

Description of residency program
Pedagogy, new trends of the 21st century and to rethinking what the school of the future should be like. The school is an institution where current issues are permanently present. It is one of the foundations of our society and it occupies a significant part of our time, our lives and, also, our thinking. Debates about education are always alive and complex. They happen in real time and show the controversy of different pedagogical trends.

What new school models can we propose? How should we think about the concepts of equity, social justice and equal opportunities when we organize the system of education? What kind of relation should we establish with new technology? What part should gender roles play in the educational system? Can we prepare the school for a globalized world? Also, of course, we are going to ask ourselves how the school should be related to other educational, social and cultural institutions.

These questions and many other related ones (project work, textbooks, structure and type of classes or school days) are some of the lines of work that we are going to follow at Faber during this period. 

Duration of residency
From April 3 to April 25, 2018

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
That’s why we are looking for residents to apply for scholarships offered by Faber. All kinds of professionals who work in educational field or who have reflected on the school, its problems and opportunities are welcome to apply, as well as researchers, pedagogues, education sociologists, anthropologists, economists, lawyers, managers, or any other professionals who have a project related to this field.

Faber’s objective is to promote the exchange among residents and the educational community that hosts them, in Olot, la Garrotxa and Catalonia.

We offer free accommodation and half-board (breakfast and dinner). There is also a fully-equipped kitchen at residents's disposal in case they would like to prepare their own lunch. 

Studio/ workspace
>> Spacious room designed to provide comfortable working conditions.
>>  Common areas (inside and outside the hotel) where you will be able to exchange experiences with the other residents, the public and institutions.
>> Shared area only between residents and Faber’s team.

Fees and support
Faber does not cover any travel costs or obligatory health insurance. There is no per diem.

Expectations towards the artist
Durintg their stay, residents should offer an activity (lecture, workshop, round table, seminar) adreessed to other professionals, students or general public.

Application information 
Notification of acceptance: February 28, 2018

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Pedagogical Innovation: Rethinking school

Pedagogical Innovation: Rethinking school


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