Deadline: 31/10/2017

Karelian art residence (AiR Karelia) open call

AiR Karelia open call for Visual Arts,New Media,Graphics,Curatorial,Design,Art Research

Karelian art residence (AiR Karelia) is a unique place in Petrozavodsk for artists and creative people with all conditions for work.

Petrozavodsk is a small European-like city only in 300 km from the Finnish border and St. Petersburg. However, due to its location, history and current state, it offers a real glance into regional Russian life, being an alternative to big capitals. At the same time, it has a lively local art community - the city itself is young and open to different artistic projects and interventions.

Disciplines and media
• Visual Arts
• New Media
• Graphics
• Curatorial


Art Research

The residency is located in the historical center of Petrozavodsk and provides participants both working and living conditions with everything they need for comfortable stay and work.

Our venues:

Working space
• Media workshop on the premises of Vyhod Media Center. The workshop is equipped with professional cameras, sound equipment, audio mixing console, special lighting, PC.

Graphic studio, equipped with an etching press; opportunity to take part in the master-class by professional graphic artists.

A separate, newly furnished apartment in a dormitory (first floor). The premise has a living room, a fully equipped kitchen, and a bathroom.

Our opportunities
 - Artists are provided with an opportunity to discuss their work
- A possibility to arrange a presentation, a master-class, and exhibition at the Vyhod Media Center or any location/space/venue suitable for your project in Petrozavodsk
- Access to museums, archives, and other cultural or scientific institutions
- A possibility to organize trips to different parts of beautiful Karelia

We encourage experience exchange, collaboration projects with local artists and engaging local audiences. We also expect our guests to give an artist talk, a master-class or similar, or hold an exhibition while staying in Petrozavodsk.

Karelian art residence (AiR Karelia) open call

Karelian art residence (AiR Karelia) open call


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