Deadline: 15/09/2017

SAC Artist Residency in Chiang Mai 2017-18

Artist Residency program in Chiang Mai, one of Thailand´s creative and design cities!

Subhashok the Arts Centre is excited to announce our first season of Artist Residency program in Chiang Mai, north of Thailand. Renowned for being the art, craft and design hub of Thailand's northern region, Chiang Mai is full of culture and diversity thanks to its location. The residency period will be between November until January, which is the best time to be in Thailand. We are looking for mid-career artists to join us in this program, where the artists can expand their cultural experience and develop new body of works as well as connecting to the local art community through our pre-planned programs and activities. We will also exhibit the artists' works at the end of the residency period. 

Description of residency program
This artist residency is based in Chiang Mai. Although there is no specific theme, we would like to see the artist interpret their experience interacting with the local community to their artistic practice. Over the ocurse of 3 months, you will be introduced to the local art community from galleries to artists to fellow researchers and professors. At the end of the residency, an exhibition (either group or solo) will be presented. 

The program is designed for artists to further develop their practices and while we recommend artist to have at least minimum of 8 years of studio experience, all are welcome to apply. 

Duration of residency
Minimum of 90 days, with the option to extend for 30 days with free accommodation, but without financial support. Applicant must show a proof that they are eligible to stay in the country for the amount of intended time of stay. 

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
All disciplines are welcome: from traditional practices such as paint, drawing, sculpting to other forms of art such as performance, food-based, research based, new media or even curating. 

At the residency, we provide a shared working studio where artists are welcome to work without interrupting one another. Should the artist require particular assitance in technical support or facilities, the artist must specify at the time of application. We have access to Print-making studio, wood workshop, metal welding worshop, bronze casting studio, photography studio and ceramics studio. Any requirement beyond these facilities are welcome to contact us first and we will do our best to find access to such facility for the artist. 

Accommodation is free. We have three houses that can be used, with each one allowing up to two artists to have their own private bedroom and shared kitchenette. The residency has free WiFi and all utility bills are paid for. Artists must be responsible for their own cooking and cleaning. 

Studio/ workspace
The studio is spacious with high ceiling, and artists will get to share the studio with other artists in residency to encourage engagement.

Fees and support
There is no application fee. We will provide free accommodation and transportation related to work. There will also be bicycles for the artist use. We will provide partial stripend of 20,000 THB that will go towards production of the works only. Bare in mind that cost of living in Thailand is relatively low, therefore 20,000 THB can take you quite far if planned wisely. 

Any special project are welcome to apply and successful appicant will be granted an extra budget for that particular piece on top of the 20,000 THB budget for other pieces. 

Expectations towards the artist
Artist is expected to conduct a workshop sharing their skills or host at least one talk/seminar sharing their experience in the field of art to the local art community. We will present artist's works produced during the residency period in an exhibition (either as group or solo show) and therefore artist is expected to have completed enough works to be shown in an exhibition by the end of the residency. Artist is welcome to bring some works to finish while at the residency. 

Application information
More information can be found on our website, however, for ease of application, the following are the main required document:

1. Biography and CV 

2. Statement of intent, outlining why you would like to take up residency in Chiang Mai and what you aim to achieve here whilst in residency as well as a short description of your project. 

3. Examples of past works. If your work is sound-based or video, please upload to media hosting site and include a still image or screen cap in separate document. 

4. Proposal for one work shop or talk/seminar to present to the local art community. 

5. List or material required in order to work during the 3 months at the residency. 

Applications will be judged based on originality, realistic ability to realise the project in the given time and budget, clarity in the statement of intent and proposals. 

SAC Artist Residency in Chiang Mai 2017-18

SAC Artist Residency in Chiang Mai 2017-18


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