Deadline: 20/09/2017

Residency in Arthouse MESSEN, Hardanger/NORWAY

"Arthouse Messen" in beautiful Hardanger/Norway is accepting applications for residencies in 2018!

AiR in Ålvik, Hardanger
Kunstnarhuset Messen (Arthouse Messen) is an art centre in the heart of the Hardangerfjord. Messen is situated in the small village of Ålvik. The Hardanger region has a rich cultural heritage and is famous for its beautiful landscape.

Kunstnarhuset Messen consists of three floors of 420 square metres.

Messen was built in 1918 as an administration building for the local metal-industry company Bjølvefossen. The building is very spacious and has a special atmosphere.
The centre offers an artist-in-residence programme for Norwegian and international artists of all disciplines.

Kunstnarhuset Messen is a workplace and a venue for regional artists and guest artists. The beautiful fjord landscape has attracted artists to Hardanger for centuries, and Messen is a perfect place to enjoy the scenery in full.

The main purpose of the artist in residency is individual artistic development. We wish to create an environment where artists can meet each other both regionally and internationally. Workshops, seminars, artist meetings, artist talks, exchange programs and artistic development are measures to strengthen the development of the artistic environment. Various events also give the opportunity to promote art and artistic projects locally and regionally.

At Kunstnarhuset Messen we maintain a daily life routine. Our host with wife and children live and work at the 2nd floor of the building.
At Messen we support a lifestyle where work and other activities takes place during the day, and rest at night.

In Kunstnarhuset Messen you live and work together with other guest artists and artists from the region. At the moment there are 5 artists from the region working in the house on a daily basis, and we can have up to 6 guests staying in the house at the same time.

The artist-residency can have duration up to 3 months. We have a host couple, artists, living and working in the house.

Messen will provide you with a bedroom and studio. We have an apartment avaliable for artist couples who wish to apply together. Guests are allowed during the stay for a fee of 200 NOK per night, but only for a maximum of 5 nights.

Visiting artists must pay a small fee of 500 NOK each month for their stay in order to cover electricity and water expences.

Residency in Arthouse MESSEN, Hardanger/NORWAY

Residency in Arthouse MESSEN, Hardanger/NORWAY


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